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There’s No “Kidd” In Team Either

After talking about the greatest basketball player of all time’s opinion on next season’s Miami Heat yesterday, why not check in today on one of the most mediocre basketball player of all time’s opinion?

While taking every opportunity to try and remain relevant in the game of basketball, Jason Kidd gave his thoughts on the trio that is taking Miami by storm. (I said storm, not hurricane. Don’t get your bikini thongs in a wad, Miami)

Gah, it must be a slow period in sports if we’re writing about Jason Kidd’s thoughts on NBA free agency.

Here’s what Kidd said (courtesy a transcribed interview from Sports Radio Interviews):

“Well, I think we would love to spread everybody out. We had 10 or 15 of the top players on separate teams, where guys were coming into town and they could sell tickets. It’s not going to be easy for teams to sell tickets in Cleveland or Toronto now because those guys aren’t on the team. I think everybody can say Miami will sell out wherever they go all year, but that hurts the NBA in the sense of selling tickets. It’s just for them to go West, teams are only going to see them once, and then on the East coast they only go there twice, so it may be disappointing on that aspect but when you talk about just straight basketball it will be interesting and fun to watch.”

It’s good to know that Jason Kidd is so worried about selling tickets in Cleveland and Toronto now that James and Bosh are gone. However, if I were him, I’d be more worried as to what race I was. Seriously, his race is more confusing than Mariah Carey’s.

In conclusion, it appears that Jason Kidd isn’t a fan of three guys coming together on one team. He thinks that “hurts the NBA.” (You see what I did there? That’s journalism! Take a piece of a quote and run with it.) Although, there is no word on whether or not Jason Kidd is opposed to a duo taking over Miami. I’m looking at you, Sonny and Rico.


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    July 21, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    I think that might be jason terry in the background, i met him at the AAU 12-u girls nations


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