The Very Mature Kyler Murray Has Unfollowed The Arizona Cardinals On Instagram

First, for those shouting, “Who cares?!” Well, you clicked on this link so clearly you do. And second, like it or not, this is news in 2022, because this is how Gen Z and some of us millennials handle ourselves. When you break up with someone or want to rid them out of your life, you unfollow them. All I’ll say, is it’s nice to know Kyler Murray acts the same age he looks.

Is it lame? Of course. But is it telling? Also, of course. I dunno what went wrong with the Arizona Cardinals other then the fact that teaming up JJ Watt and DeAndre Hopkins on the same field yet again clearly rekindled some of that Texans Magic they always used to provide. You know how their teams always used to be at the top of the NFL until the playoffs rolled around and they pooped the bed. That’s exactly what the Cardinals did this year.

And for a guy whose IG handle is simply @K1 and has most of his IG stories highlights in order, he knows exactly what he’s doing in the social media game. So it’s not by accident. It went down hours after competing in the Pro Bowl, which I will admit, is a better activity to follow through with than whatever the hell Alvin Kamara did. But the weird thing is, he’s not a free agent this March. He’s played out the first three years of his rookie deal and has a fifth-year option by the team that will likely be exercised this offseason before he even plays his fourth year. So I don’t know where he thinks he’s going or what he thinks this is accomplishing. Unless he’s making the jump to baseball, which could ultimately pay him more in the long run… but that’s only if owners quit being jackasses and start to negotiate with their product. Kyler has a cap hit of $11,386,841 for the 2022 season. But it’s not like the A’s will be able to meet that. Maybe they can hook him up with a few free sodas from their clubhouse vending machine though.

Do I think this is going to lead to anything of substance? No. I think Kyler will be in Arizona again next year. But as I do whenever a high-profile player seemingly becomes available, I always picture how they’d look in my team’s colors, whether it makes sense or not. In this case, it doesn’t really make sense. But I’d still be cool if Kyler Murray scooted his lil’ 5’4″ body over to Nashville. Yeah, I know I just dropped a video explaining why I still think Tannehill is the guy for the Titans, but bring Kyler in anyway. I don’t think he’d make the Titans any better – as he proved down the stretch of this season (and during this Instagram stunt) that he does not respond to adversity very well. So that paired with the fact that he can’t ride most rollercoasters make me think it’s a pipedream. But it’s still fun to think about.


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