The Trailer For The Semi-Live-Action ‘Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers’ Movie Is Here And There’s No Way This Is A Disney Movie

Here’s a sentence I did NOT expect to type in 2022: That new Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers movie looks awesome.

Like what? How is that even being said in the year of our Lord, 2022?? Feels like I’m trying to make up a bad Onion topic. I know it’s the cool thing to hate everything on the Internet, but I simply cannot with this. It’s like a somewhat edgier version of the cartoon classic we (an old guy) grew up with. In fact, I was shocked, mouth agape enough to the point where I’m using the word ‘agape’ to describe it whenever I saw Disney’s logo flash on the screen. I never would’ve guessed. This movie is Roger Rabbit but by the guys who made Jizz In My Pants. And frankly, The Lonely Island being given the keys to reboot a Disney classic is exactly what Mickey Mouse needs. The closest thing to funny and edgy for the giant D is what? The Marvel movies? So pretty much anything else is a welcome change, and on top of that, this trailer looks great. It hits the nostalgia, shows the self-awareness and drops some laugh out loud funny jokes in the trailer. And it doesn’t have the feel of a trailer where they used their best jokes in the trailer, which is a much welcome change to the comedies in Hollywood today.

And plus, it re-introduces a millennial classic, everyone’s favorite chipmunks dressed as Indiana Jones and Magnum P.I. Chip is voiced by Olivia Munn’s baby daddy John Mulaney and Dale is voiced by one of the two guys with his dick in a box, Andy Samburg. Even just the overall plot is on point where Chip now works as an insurance agent and Dale is trying to stay relevant and undergoes “CGI surgery.” The movie drops on Disney Plus on May 20.

And yes, I did refer to Disney as the giant D earlier in this blog.


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