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Welp, the Titans had their bye week this week. There are a couple positive things Titans fans can take away from not having to play a game this week.

  • Although it is the 7th week of the NFL season and the Titans still don’t have a win this week was the first week that the Titans didn’t lose. (Even though they were underdogs) So congrats!
  • The Titans had more passing yards during their Bye Week than they did last week against the New England Patriots.
  • Since there was no Titans game this week, Titans fans were able to watch NFL football for the first time all season.
  • And finally, avid Korked Bats reader and loyal Titans fan, Jeff, continues to grow his losing beard.

For those of you who don’t know, Jeff is not shaving his beard until the Titans win their first game of the season. He contacted KB with this deal when the Titans fell to 0-3. I think it’s safe to say that he did not realize it would last this long.

But it has.

What isn’t fun for Titans fans or for Jeff is indeed fun for the rest of Korked Bats Nation. (And those who get to see Jeff on a regular basis that don’t care for the outcome of the Titans season.)

Without further adieu, let’s check out that Abe Lincoln!

Below is Jeff with no beard.

Below is Jeff after the Titans fell 0-4.

Below is Jeff after the Titans fell 0-5.

Below is Jeff after the Titans fell to 0-6.

And finally, Jeff after the Titans Bye Week at 0-6.

I don’t know who is going through a worse time right now. The 0-6 Titans or Red Bearded Jeff?

Next week the Tennessee Titans are home against the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team who has beaten them once already this season.


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