The Tension In This Morning News Segment Is Absolutely Electric

Buckle up for one of the wildest live TV news segments you’ll see.

The video says to fast forward to the 1:00 mark, but really, just go ahead and watch the whole thing for full context.

You will not see a more electric news segment on TV ever. The segment was called Tenants vs. Landlords, but should’ve been called Anchors vs. Reporters. Or more so Jim vs. Ollie. i honestly haven’t seen an Ollie that angry and short on TV since Family Guy’s weatherman.

I went into this video thinking it was going to be some awful racial slander between the two, but the video ended up hitting us with some sort of M. Night Shyamalan twist and flipping the conflict between the field reporter and the anchor back in the studio. It sort of felt like a deleted scene from Bruce Almighty, only this was real life. How do I know? Because they were flashing New York Liberty WNBA scores on the bottom line.

It’s a good thing they cut to another segment, because we were probably one more line away from the guys comparing paychecks on the air, which was the logical next step after a guy hits you with a “I used to be your boss” blast. I used to be a huge fan of the show Newsroom on HBO, and honestly, I wish there was a similar TV show that could’ve followed these guys once Ollie returned to the studio. I mean, everyone knows tenants always hate their landlord, and still these two somehow made that relationship feel like Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie.

This other live TV moment happened last night during a police chase just north of Los Angeles, and yet Jim and Ollie somehow felt more tense.

Good Day, NY. Yeah, for everyone but Jim and Ollie.


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