The T-Rav Tasters Hit Up A St. Louis Staple: Pasta House

It’s been a minute, but the T-Rav Tasters are back. This time we took a trip to a St. Louis establishment. A staple of the 314. Next to the arch and wearing jorts to baseball games, Pasta House is near and dear to every St. Louisan’s heart. With them adding a new location off Ladue Rd., my brothers and I had to hit it up.

It was really good to get back on the TRT horse again after the birth of my son. Not just because I’m always hungry for toasted ravioli, but because we shot this episode with a new director named Jeff Samet, who is also from St. Louis (Clayton High). Check out all of his work. He’s great. But also because I’m always hungry for toasted ravioli.

Plus, we were featured in the St. Louis Jewish Light. Which is a high honor if you’re 1. from St. Louis, and 2. Jewish… as you might assume. While we filmed this episode, Bill Motchan followed us around for a profile. It was awesome.

Jen Duerfahrd, marketing director for Pasta House, said the T-Rav Taster visit would help generate awareness of the restaurant’s new Ladue location and, of course, for their toasted ravioli.

“I think T-Rav Tasters is great for St. Louis,” she said. “And I have three boys, so I can relate to this.”

Her comment came right after Jacob Waldman stuffed seven toasted ravioli into his mouth.

via St. Louis Jewish Light

Classic Jacob.

Also, this series is important to me and my brothers as we want to spread TRA.

“Toasted Ravioli Awareness (TRA) is very important to us,” Jeff Waldman said. “People need to know what St. Louis is known for foodwise, other than the way we awkwardly cut our bagels.”

via St. Louis Jewish Light

Most cities have their own food that they’re known for. And most of those times, they are food everyone knows about. Here in St. Louis, most people outside of St. Louis has any idea what toasted ravioli is. So if Nashville can have Hot Chicken, than why can’t we have deep fried raviolis? Let’s share it with the masses and let everyone know about this tiny little nuggets of meaty gold. Help us spread TRA by sharing the video with friends and family!

St. Louis, I love you.

-Sales Guy Jeff

T-Rav Tasters

Born and bred(ed) in St. Louis, the Waldman brothers eat, sleep, and dream about the delicious golden crispy fried pasta: Toasted Ravioli. They also want to say hi to their mom.


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