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The Simone Award

The Simone Award – The ‘MVP’ of the high school football season in the Kansas City area.
I was thinking of prior winners of this award today, and I was pretty blown away by the list of winners. Mizzou’s own superman, Chase Coffman, won the award his senior year. The only reason that I know the award is my sophomore year of high school, a student from Oak Park (my alma mater), brought the bad boy home.
His name was Michael Keenan and he was the greatest athlete of all time. He was a 3 star recruit nebraska, and when they administered their series of tests to measure your overall athletic ability, he had the highest score since Ahman Green (that story held a lot more weight when Ahman Green was really good with the Packers). He then proceeded to fall off of the face of the Earth, that all started with getting pissed about losing his red shirt at NU.
Anywho, here are other notable winners of the award…
Ladell Betts – Blue Springs – 1996 – A legit NFL running back on the Redskins who splits carries with Portis until Clinton gets hurt.
Darren Sproles – Olathe North – 2000 – He should have won the Heisman his junior year, and now is a bon-a-fide NFL running back backing up LT in San Diego.
Chase Coffman – 2004 – Ray-Pec – He is going to break all the receiving records at MIZZOU except for yards, unless he has a monster season.
Josh Freeman – 2005 – Grandview – According to rivals he is the 21st best quarterback in the nation, and is only a junior.
And last year Nathan Scheelhaase, quarterback at Rockhurst, won as a junior. If we won this year (which is very plausible) he would be the first two-time winner. Too bad he committed to the arch rival, Illinois.
How can KC put out so much legit NFL talent, but not basketball. All we can claim is the Rush brothers, and who wants to claim a kid who somehow redshirted his freshman year of high school (i.e. got 5 years of eligibility).

2 thoughts on “The Simone Award

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    September 10, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    You loooove Kansas City, and the NBA. Too bad those things will never mix. ;)

    I’m glad you’re blogging again too. A huge faker no more.

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    October 2, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    The Tigers could be a good football team IF they closed off their borders. They are the only 1-A (yeah, I still like 1-A) football team in a state with 2 metropolitan cities. Hopefully they can pull this off and relive the glory year.


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