The Only Ultimate Frisbee Highlights You’ll Ever See On This Website

I’m not saying that Ultimate Frisbee isn’t a sport. I’m just saying that it’s as much of a sport as online shopping. The kids in college who aren’t athletic enough to play pick up games of soccer or football are the ones who fill up the ultimate Frisbee fields.

Throwing a Frisbee is a leisure activity. Like playing with a yo-yo. Just because you add rules and make it more like football, doesn’t automatically make it a sport. In fact, at the colleges it is offered at, it’s only a club sport. Ultimate Frisbee is more of a game.

With that said, nothing should be taken away from the athletic play by the kid in this video at around the :50 second mark. The guy didn’t “Randy Moss” the other guy. Randy Moss “this guys” other guys. (If that makes any sense?) He completely jumps the other guy. I’m talking nuts grazing the top of this guy’s head. Incredible.


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One thought on “The Only Ultimate Frisbee Highlights You’ll Ever See On This Website

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    July 30, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    I play Ultimate in college and it definitely is an intense sport, not just one for hippies. Definitely deserves some respect other than Obscure Sports Quarterly. This play is sick! There is an even better highlight that ESPN showed 2 days ago as well.


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