A Few Thoughts On The New College Football Playoff Trophy

The College Football Playoff released images of the new National Championship trophy for the first time today. It’s… well… Take a look for yourself.

CFP Trophy

A few thoughts:

  • Is that a College Football Playoff trophy, or is it just happy to see me?
  • You just won the National Championship! Here’s a tail-pipe.
  • This is the only time the Charlie Weis and the University of Kansas will ever see this trophy.
  • Pirates use this trophy on their ships to spot land. “LAND, HO!”
  • The inspiration for this trophy came from an Atari controller.
  • This new trophy looks a lot like a joint. On an unrelated note, LSU really wants to win this trophy next year.
  • Ice cream vendor: “Would you like a cup or a cone?” College Football Trophy: “Cone, please… A Waffle Cone!”
  • This: New CFP Bat Signal
  • Some call it the National Championship Trophy, others call it the next installment to Nick Saban’s trophy case.
  • When you buy a dozen roses, this trophy is what they come in.
  • It looks like a giant bottle of nail polish.

• • •

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