The Most Super Bowl Of Them All

It has come to my attention that it is “important” to be able to cook.  Not only do we have to be able to not mistake a field goal for a free throw, but we also have to know how to make some sweet grubs for the upcoming football parties.

If you are wondering if I made these, the answer is yes. I am so good at cooking now.

As you can see below, guacamole is a creative substitute for astroturf.

This is just a seven-layer dip with some sour cream lines.

Whatever you do, don’t use vanilla frosting.

That tastes gross.

Almost as gross as that decorative sports table cloth it sits on.

• • •

Here we have nice little chocolate covered strawberries.

It takes practice to make them look this good.

Just like Denver’s defense.

• • •

This next appetizer is for the classy parties.

This doesn’t look like a mini football or like little knee pads.

Well, actually that cheese kind of looks like little football knee pads.

Piece of meat. Cheese Ball. Olive. Rinse. Repeat. Tomato.

• • •

If you belong to any social organization or church, or both,

you need to have someone in your friend circle that makes awesome deviled eggs.

This is where you come in.

Football Deviled Eggs.

This will get you into any and every party, football or techno.

• • •

These next treats are cute right? Little tiny footballs, but that are cupcakes.

Cute isn’t even the word.

I want to gobble these up.

These will get you a boyfriend, not street cred.

Too cute for street cred.

• • •

King Pin of Snacks.

Fruit Helmet.

I’m sorry, this is impossible to actually do.

No one has ever even done this. This picture is photoshopped.

This is going to help you earn street cred and if you didn’t show up with a date, you will most likely have one by the end of the second quarter. If you aren’t looking for a date, stick with something normal.

Like corndogs.

• • •

I expect to have many suitors after I find the way to all of your hearts through your stomach, but let’s keep this professional.  Ladies, enjoy these.  Enjoy getting invited to more parties.  Enjoy buying larger pants.

You’re welcome.

P.S. I would like to thank Pinterest for all of their help. Boom! Pin that!

• • •

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