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The Million Dollar Man

If you were 6’4″ 330, would you run a 40 yard dash with your shirt off? I just got off the phone with André Smith and he said “Heck, I would.”

This brilliant young man went Hollywood on the combine because he ‘started working out too late.’

Seriously Andre, that’s one of those instances in life where you NEED to lie. You weren’t under a spell were you?

C’mon André!

Moving on to today, Alabama’s Pro Day was a disaster for Smith. He managed to churn out a blazing 5.21 in the 40, pumped 225 19 times, and had a 7.88 3 cone drill. To put this simply, Smith would not have posted in any of the top performer lists at the combine. اربح المال Sorry, Mr. Smith, but slow and steady does not win the race to the NFL. العاب قمار بوكر My suggestion is get the name of A-Roid’s cousin and start juicin’ or call Billy Blanks, please.

You managed to go from a top 5 pick to, if you’re lucky, a first rounder. البلاك جاك We applaud you Mr. Smith.

I guess the bright side is, at least he didn’t bust AFTER he got drafted.

Feel free to get a hands on look thanks to www.profootballtalk.com and CBS42

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    March 13, 2009 at 11:12 am

    I still think Leaf was the better pick over Manning.


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