The Junk Drawer: Football Is Back, Clowney Is A Titan, & Getting Hit By Tennis Balls In The Throat

We got more junk this week, and it’s a lot of fun. Here are some of the top moments:

(2:53) – Jadeveon Clowney is a Titan, so the Titans are Super Bowl champs right? Also, why did Clowney’s chef cook for the Saints? Shouldn’t it have been the other way around?

(12:42) – Let’s run down the ridiculous COVID rules the NFL has set forth and talk about how they are ridiculous. No mascots? Sideline reporters in moats? Jersey swaps sponsored by Tide?

(35:10) – Novak Djokovic tried to lodge a tennis ball into a line judge’s throat in what is now (that she’s ok) the funniest video we’ve seen all week.

(47:42) – This week’s FRANK FACT is a about our 10th president. It’s ok, we didn’t know who he was either.

(58:13) – We launched a new picks segment: Three For 3:00… if one of us gets all three of our picks right, we get 3 minutes to talk about whatever the hell we want.

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EP17: Football, Football, And Tennis Balls To The Throat| RUNDOWN:

2:53 – Jadeveon Clowney Is A Titan

12:42 – The Ridiculous COVID Rules For The NFL

35:10 – Novak Djokovic Nearly Killed A Woman With A Tennis Ball


47:42 – FRANK FACT

58:13 – Introducing The ‘Three For 3:00’ – Picking 3 NFL Games


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