Sunday, December 3, 2023

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The First #BritchesReport Of 2022 Is Here And That Means Only One Thing: FOOTBALL IS BACK!

Titans fans know the season doesn’t officially start on Sunday when Fat Randy swings his little cankle against The Duke to kick off the game. The season officially starts Jim Wyatt thumbs out a tweet with the first #BritchesReport. Some teams merely announce their uniform combos every week. Not in Nashville. Titans fans get the luxury of receiving the #BritchesReport. (Which is literally just a tweet.) But it’s a tweet we all live for. We wait patiently and anxiously to know just how the Titans will be dressed for the following Sunday’s game (or Thursday if they’re playing the Jaguars).

As for this week’s home opener look, I love it. In my opinion, the navy on navy look is so clean. Early in the year, you often times see teams opt for their away whites to keep their team cooler from the blaring sun. The Titans have had a history of doing this. But not this year. With the first regular season game Derrick is back since Halloween of last year, he’s gotta look clean, and hella intimidating. And in my opinion, the all-navy’s do that. To me they are the second best look the Titans have, which leads us to a…….


5. Baby blue with navy pants

Hot take: I actually dislike all baby blue combos. I know, I know. I’m a total stick in the mud for this take. I’ve tried to come around. But I just don’t love them. Maybe it’s time to bust out the red uniforms that we never got. Lol, jk. Please don’t.

4. White tops with navy pants

I’m not normally a fan of this look, but some of the most iconic wins in Titans’ history have come in these threads. So the memories are fond with this look.

3. White tops with white pants

The stormtrooper look is always so fresh. Sure, there was a debate as to whether or not this is a true stormtrooper look since stormtroopers have white helmets and the Titans have navy helmets. Maybe the Titans can unveil their throwback white helmets and rock them with this combo.

2. Navy tops with navy pants

See explanation above.

1. Navy tops with white pants

This look will always hold a special place in my heart as it’s the first look this team every rolled out. It’s the classic color scheme with the updated threads. Is it more nostalgic than anything? Sure. But nostalgia plays. Or so I’m told. Which is why I’ve held onto all of my early-2000’s inflatable neon furniture.


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