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The Best Of September 2014

Best Of Monthly - September2

It’s the last day of September. Let’s relive this fantastic month with our ten most viewed pages from the month.

Offensive Team Names

1. How Every Other NFL Team Name Is Offensive

Forget the Washington Redskins, we give a reason why every other NFL team name can be considered offensive.

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New Jeter Ad 6

2. 11 Alternate Derek Jeter RE2PECT Ads

We made 11 alternate (and more realistic) Derek Jeter RE2PECT ads.

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Braves Stadium Plans 4

3. INSIDE LOOK: New Atlanta Braves Stadium Features

Earlier this month, the Atlanta Braves broke ground on their new stadium. We point out the many features of their new home.

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20 Best Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks

4. The 20 Best Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks

The Cleveland Browns have been known for starting multiple quarterbacks every single season. We took all of those quarterbacks and ranked them from best to worst. العاب قمار روليت

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Browns Movies 1 -Apollo 13 copy

5. Cleveland Browns Photoshop Players Onto Posters of Movies Where Things Go Terribly Wrong

The Cleveland Browns did their best to create some fun photoshopped movie posters to promote their season, but in a very Browns fashion, they chose movies where things go horribly wrong.

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Derek Jeter Gatorade Commercial

6. We Replaced Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” With Limp Bizkit’s “My Way” In Derek Jeter’s Gatorade Commercial

You’ve all seen Derek Jeter’s Gatorade commercial featuring Frank Sinatra’s song, “My Way.” Well, we decided to change it to Limp Bizkit’s “My Way.”

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Less Offensive Redskins Logos 11

7. New Less Offensive Redskins Mascot Ideas

We come up with a few alternative mascots for the Washington Redskins, should they choose to change their name.

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Who Not To Start Logo

8. Who NOT To Start – Week 3

Each week, we provide you with Fantasy Football advice. Only instead of telling you who to start, we tell you who NOT to start. كازينو عربي

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B1G Rules - PREVIEW 2

9. 18 Big Ten Rules To Live By

We came up with 18 rules for both the Big Ten Conference. We made 18 SEC Rules too.

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Arizona State Lineman

10. Arizona State Lineman Tries To Contribute, Not Sure What To Do [VIDEO]

This Arizona State offensive lineman reenacts what every man is like when their wife asks them to help out in the kitchen.

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Saved By The House of Cards 3

How Saved By The Bell Is Like House of Cards

FLOWCHART: Are You Qualified To Coach Kansas Jayhawks Football?

PICTURE: A Look Into Roger Goodell’s Future


What Every Team Got Derek Jeter As A Retirement Gift

4 Potential New NFL Logos

20 Potential Kenny Hill Nicknames

NFL Mad Libs Logo

Mad Libs: NFL Edition

Play “Where’s Roger?” With Us!

Other Things To Buy On Amazon With Your SURGE

Jeter Commercial Breakdown - 10

A Shot-By-Shot Breakdown of Derek Jeter’s Gatorade Commercial

Beer Company Issues Statement Reprimanding NFL, But Thanking NFL Players For Probably Using Their Product

NFL Begs ESPN To Bring Back Playmakers To Shed Positive Light On Pro Football Leagues

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The Best of August 2014

The Best of July 2014

The Best of June 2014

The Best of May 2014

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