The Best of November 2014

Best Of Monthly - November

November was a really fun month. Let’s relive it with our ten most viewed pages from the month.


Beckham Catch - Space Jam

1. PICTURE: Odell Beckham Jr. Makes An Out-Of-This-World Catch

Odell Beckham Jr. made one of the best catches in NFL history, so we took that catch and had some photoshop fun with it.

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MLB Pennants - 3

2. If Other MLB Teams Got Pennants

Why should the American and National League Champions be the only teams to get pennants? If other MLB teams got pennants, this is what they would say.

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3. Our Best Smokey In A Blanket Photoshops

During the Tennessee Volunteers’ game against the Kentucky Wildcats, ESPN showed their mascot, Smokey, sitting on the sideline, covered in a blanket. We took this picture and had some photoshop fun with it.

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NCAA Football: BCS National Championship-Alabama vs Notre Dame

4. Lou Holtz Snaps At Mark May [VIDEO]

Finally! This video shows Lou Holtz snapping at Mark May. Also, THANK YOU, Lou Holtz!

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Jay Cutler Meme - 15

5. Our 30 Best Sad Jay Cutler Memes

Sad Jay Cutler is sad. We came up with 30 memes to help describe his pain.

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Oregon Ducks Uniforms

6. Oregon Legalizes Marijuana, Unveils New Uniforms

Oregon voted to legalize marijuana, which gave the Oregon Ducks the opportunity to unveil new uniforms to commemorate it.

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Missouri v Florida

7. 15 Potential Replacements To Take Over For Will Muschamp

We make the Florida Gators’ athletic director’s job a little easier by coming up with 15 potential replacements for Will Muschamp.

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Titans Logo

8. Tennessee Titans Unveil New Logo

The Tennessee Titans have one of the worst records in the NFL, so to honor that feat, the franchise decided to unveil a new logo.

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Minnesota-Nebraska Trophy 2

9. @FauxPelini and Minnesota’s Mascot Invent A Trophy For The Nebraska-Minnesota Game

The great Twitter account @FauxPelini and Minnesota’s mascot, Goldy The Gopher, came up with a trophy for their “rivalry” game, so we helped to design it. Here is the full story behind it.

• • •

Bills Logo

10. Buffalo Bills Unveil New Logo Amidst Snow Storm

The city of Buffalo, New York was slammed with one of the worst snow storms in recent years, and were even forced to move one of their home games to Detroit. So the Buffalo Bills decided to unveil a new, more fitting logo.

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Face Paint - 12

25 Different Ways To Wear Eye Black

Arizona Cardinals Sign Carson Palmer To 1-Game, $30 Million Contract

Will Muschamp’s Résumé

Giancarlo Stanton Contract - Logo2

50 Things Giancarlo Stanton Can Buy With His New Contract

Survival Tips For College: 8am Classes [VIDEO]

LeBron’s Top 10 Sporting Spectacles In The History of Sports

Kershaw Friends

Meet Clayton Kershaw’s Childhood Posse

What Athletes Are Thankful For

PICTURE: This Sign Tried To Help Utah Upset Oregon

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