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The Best Fantasy Football Names

Sources say that at least 30-35 million people play fantasy football every year.  Because the average American is overweight and lazy, we find it more fun to pick players in a draft and track their stats from the comfort of our La-Z-Boys.  I’ll be the first to admit, I’m one of those guys.  I draft 4-6 teams every year just for the sheer enjoyment of the draft itself (I usually only keep 1-2 teams updated on a weekly basis).  In a sea of look alikes and wannabes, there are always people trying to make their mark on their leagues.  Enter the need for funny/clever fantasy football team names. This is vital. If you google “funny fantasy football team names,” you get over 1 million results.  Instead of scouring those places to find a diamond in the rough, we’ve aggregated our favorites here for you loyal Korked Bats readers.

  1. Better than Ryan Leaf

    You may not win your fantasy league this year, but hopefully you'll win the most creative name competition. Which is good... for losers.
  2. Plaxidentally Shot Myself
  3. Multiple Scorgasms
  4. Make it Dwayne on the Bowe’s
  5. Favre Dollar Footlong
  6. Bros Before Shiancoes
  7. When in Romo
  8. Ix-nay on the Heyward-Bey
  9. The Schaub Shank Redemption
  10. Shawne Merriman’s Tainted Supplements
  11. Rex Ryan’s Beautiful Bunions
  12. Andy Dalton’s Red Zone
  13. Yo Gabba Gabbert
  14. Hasselbeck That Thang Up
  15. The Ghost of Jeff Fisher’s Mullet
  16. Jay-C’s “The Sack Album”
  17. The Calvinists
  18. The Golden-Haired Linebackers
  19. The Kolb Mob
  20. Tebow’s Youth Group
  21. Romosexual Tendencies
  22. Two and a Half Mendenhall
  23. Steve Breatonlargement
  24. Skittles, Taste Dwayne Bowe
  25. Forgetting Brandon Marshall
  26. The Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi
  27. Revis and Butthead
  28. Whatchu Talkin’ Bout Hillis?
  29. Somewhere over the Dwayne Bowe
  30. Vick in a Box
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