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The Baltimore Borioles

What do you do when your team is 35 games under .500 and 30.5 games out of first place in their division?

Well, you obviously must find other forms of entertainment.

This is the situation the Baltimore Orioles fans are in. And the worst news of all for them, is that the Ravens don’t begin play for another month and a half.

The Orioles are bad. I’m talking, real bad. Like, worst in the Major Leagues bad. Let’s just say these aren’t your father’s Orioles. There aren’t any Cal Ripkens (Jr.’s or Sr.’s), no Eddie Murrays and sure as heck no Brady Andersons. Although, they do have Adam Jones, but no it’s not Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, unfortunately.

So what exactly do Baltimore Orioles fans do to make other forms of entertainment?

They hustle harder on the field than the Orioles do.

Last Thursday night, at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland, a fan got onto the field and ran around for two-straight-minutes before giving up and allowing police officials to handcuff him and take him away. Orioles fans are stunned at how that’s a crime and the level of play they have witnessed by their team this year isn’t.

However, this reaction by the group of Paul Blarts security they have in Baltimore is a bit different than the roid raged tazer-happy Robocops that they have in Philadelphia. But then again, I guess that’s the difference between security of the reigning National League Champions and the most embarrassing thing to happen to the city of Baltimore since the signing of Sammy Sosa.

Check out the video yourself of this Orioles fan running around for two minutes before even becoming bored with that and giving up because he finally realized that being locked away in jail would be more exciting that sitting (or running around) at an Orioles game.

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    June 30, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Hopefully there is an NFL season for the Ravens this year! At least the Orioles have a nice stadium!


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