T-Rav Tasters Hit Up Anthonino’s Taverna With Special Guest Rizz From ‘The Rizzuto Show’

Hey guys, it’s Sales Guy Jeff from the T-Rav Tasters. Our brand new episode is here, but this time, with a special guest:

Rizz from The Rizzuto Show

If you live in St. Louis, you already know the show. If you don’t, it’s the #1 radio show in the city. لعبة الروليت في العراق In fact, the show is so popular, the podcast of the show is the most downloaded podcast in the state of Missouri… AND Illinois. Crazy, isn’t it? So Rizz is a big deal. But more than that, he’s fun as hell.

He joined us at Anthonino’s Taverna on The Hill to eat some t-ravs and drink some City Wide, and we have a blast. قوانين البوكر He also takes on Jacob in the Chubby Bunny Challenge. موقع قمار

So enjoy the episode, and follow Korked Bats and subscribe to the YouTube channel to be notified when the next episode drops. We’ve got another big-time, iconic guest joining us for episode 4… any guesses?

T-Rav Tasters

Born and bred(ed) in St. Louis, the Waldman brothers eat, sleep, and dream about the delicious golden crispy fried pasta: Toasted Ravioli. They also want to say hi to their mom.


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