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SIXER: The Top 6 NFL Schedule Release Videos

This might be the dumbest day in sports, as I blogged about earlier, but there can be some good coming in the form of social media content. This is when we separate the men from the boys (a reference Harrison Butker probably loves). It should be noted that not all schedule release videos are created equal. In fact, some suck. Looking at you, New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders, a few that just went with a hydraulic press, and a bunch that had to do with drawing and art.

We here at Korked Bats DO NOT do honorable mentions. Mainly because there is no honor in a mention. But if we did…

(in no particular order)

Honorable Mention – Pittsburgh Steelers

Ok, I’m a sucker for a good dad joke. I wanted to hate this one, but I couldn’t. Low-hanging fruit still provides a good source of food, you guys.

Honorable Mention – Philadelphia Eagles

Solid one-liners, solid editing. No mention or reminder of the fact that the Titans traded AJ Brown to them on draft night for nothing? Perfect. No notes.

Honorable Mention – Minnesota Vikings

I used to love watching Apple keynotes. Back when the company was innovative, creative, and design-focused (read: before Steve Jobs passed). So this was a solid spoof of those and well executed. Skol hat tip, Vikes.

Honorable Mention – Miami Dolphins

Simple and didn’t take me 6 minutes to watch. Respect, Miami.

6. Buffalo Bills

Getting players to act has an extremely high level of difficulty and usually fails (see: the Bears, Packers, and Patriots schedule releases), but I’ll be honest, Josh Allen kinda nails this semi-awkward role here. I came in extremely skeptical and he impressed. Then again, this is for a regular season schedule. Would love to see him put it together for a postseason schedule.

5. Tennessee Titans

They say the sequel is never as good as the original, and well, that proves to be true. There are moments in this video, but like getting players to act, this comes with an extremely high level of difficulty because last year’s schedule release video was perfect. Unfortunately, this was more Zoolander 2 than Terminator 2.

4. Dallas Cowboys

Look, I hate to give the Dallas Cowboys any more shine than they already get from the national media despite making fewer championship game and Super Bowl appearances over the last 25 years than the Titans, but I have to admit, this was solid. It was creative, original, banks on a popular trend, and is well executed. It did feel like a few were scripted or tipped off, but aside from that, it was funny. This will be the only time I ever say this, but well done, Cowboys.

3. Atlanta Falcons

Any nod to NFL Street is ok by me. Especially when it’s got as many Easter eggs as this video has. Attention to detail goes a LONG way on the Internet. This might be the only top 6 the Falcons appear in all year, but it was nice to see them receive national recognition for something other than inking a new quarterback.

2. Detroit Lions

It’s hard to go wrong with The Detroiters boys. Especially right now. Their stock price is hella high because they’re both incredibly funny. And neither guy seemed to be there just for the zipline. This was fun to watch. And wasn’t a chore, like the Raiders.

1, Los Angeles Chargers

No surprise here. The Chargers social media team is the absolute best in the business. On so many levels. But they seem to win (or at worst be top two) in every year’s schedule release. Pretty fitting for an account that started at P.F. Changs.

To paraphrase the great philosopher Marshawn Lynch, you could watch this over and over and over and over and over and over and over and still find new easter eggs in every watch. Like…



Or the absolute cherry on top…

Animators had to be working overtime on this one, because that Butker story just dropped a couple days ago.


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