Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Since We Rarely Do It, Here’s A Derrick Henry Appreciation Post

Probably one of the biggest criticisms we get at Korked Bats is that we, as The #1 Derrick Henry Fan Site On The Internet™, don’t talk about Derrick Henry enough. And I get that. I wish I could talk about him more. But if I did, I’d be afraid that the Tennessee Titans’ highly paid lawyers would slap me with the world’s first verbal restraining order. So we have to keep it as is for now. But since we posted no Derrick Henry content since Monday, we felt like it was long overdue to post something new.

On Sunday, while we were at Lucas Oil Field for the Titans-Colts game, where the king popped off for over 140+ total yards and a score that was right in front of us…

So after the game, we asked Titans fans to send a message to Derrick Henry, and since he does follow us on Instagram, it’s not far out of reality to say that he might actually see these. And if for some reason, he reads this, allow us to say we love you, Derrick. And also, please don’t hit us with a restraining order.


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