Shelley Meyer Releases A Statement About The Urban Meyer Drama, Is Oddly Into Flamingos?


Shelley Meyer finally broke her silence. And no matter how you feel about Urban, I think we can all agree that the situation they’re currently going through kinda sucks. I’d hate it for any married couple. So I don’t blame Shelley – who is a very outspoken person on social media – for staying silent through this whole thing. However, this statement is her finally speaking on the matter. And in doing so she announced two things: 1. she’s giving up Twitter (probably a good idea) and 2. she has an ungodly obsession with… flamingos?

Look, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being into flamingos. They’re a cool color, stand on one leg when they rest, and they remind everyone of tropical vacations. But if you’re very obsessed with flamingos as Shelley seems to be – I’m not 100% sure on that, I don’t follow her regularly – maybe choose to have the flamingo love sit out for this one very important, very serious public statement? I dunno. I’m no PR expert. But it feels like the flamingos can take away from the importance of this post.

That’s 25 – TWENTY-FIVE! – flamingo emojis in a public statement. That has to be a record for most flamingos featured in a public statement. Personally, I’d say anything more than 5, maybe 6 flamingos is wayyy too many flamingos. Sure, Thom Brennaman called a damn Nick Castellanos home run in the middle of his public apology, but in my opinion, the flamingo thing is a much worse look.

Us discovering her undying love for flamingos feels like when Peter La Fleur discovered Kate’s obsession with unicorns in Dodgeball.

This dude filming his TV screen was the best clip I could find of that scene.

Then again, counterpoint: she may have just started an entirely new movement for menopausal women. Watch out, “Live, Laugh, Love” your days as throw pillows and home decor signs are numbered.



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