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SEC Schedules Released, Texas A&M Wants Back In Big 12

The 2012 SEC football schedules were released this morning. All conference game dates have been revealed for the newly expanded conference. After reviewing the schedules, new SEC addition Texas A&M has submitted a request to be readmitted into the Big 12 Conference. مال مجاني

Texas A&M’s 2012 football schedule is as follows:

Sept. 8: FLORIDA
Sept. 29: vs. Arkansas
Oct. 6: at Ole Miss
Oct. 20: LSU
Oct. 27: at Auburn
Nov. 3: at Mississippi State
Nov. 10: at Alabama

“We understood that staying in the Big 12 provided a lose-lose situation for us and our university,” Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp said. “However, after seeing this schedule, we’re now faced with a lose-lose-maybe win-lose-lose-possible win-lose-lose situation. العاب مجانية عبر الانترنت

“If it wasn’t for those Mississippi schools, we might as well forfeit the season. We’re Texas A&M. We prefer to the gigging around here. We’d rather not get gigged. We gig ’em, they don’t gig us. And with our new SEC schedule, we’d get gigged week in and week out.” Sharp said. “And it is for that reason, we are submitting a request to rejoin the Big 12 Conference. العاب ربح نقود حقيقية

Before even receiving the request from Texas A&M, the Big 12 Conference issued a statement saying:

“They’re in. Welcome back. We’re sorry if we said anything hurtful when you left. Can we get you something to drink?”

The Big 12 now plans on sending one of their newest additions, TCU, back to the Big East, in a move everyone refers to as “awkward.”

“First the BCS, now the Big 12?” says Matt Caleb, a freshman at TCU. “When I heard about getting screwed in college, this isn’t what I envisioned.”

Texas A&M plans to play all conference sports in the Big 12 next season, as well as going back to receiving “proverbial wedgies” from the University of Texas.

We reached out, but could not get a hold of anyone within the SEC Commissioner’s office. An email response mentioned everyone is “out of office. It’s basketball season.”

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