Rugby? Yup, Rugby.

We all know about rugby. Well, we all know it exists. We may not necessarily know what it is. Or how it’s played. It’s like the state of Delaware. We all know its a state. We just don’t necessarily what people who live there do there.

We know it’s a lot like football. We know they don’t wear pads. We know it’s nothing like football. We know that we know nothing about rugby.

However, knowing anything about the sport does not equate into whether or not this video is cool. (Yes, we know it’s as fake as Pamela Anders… Well… Anyway, we know it’s fake, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s awesome)

This is a new promotional video for the new Rugby Channel in New Zealand… (There is another thing we can say we know about the sport. That they now have their own channel.) The guys in this video are on the All Blacks. No, I’m not being racist, they really are on a team nicknamed the All Blacks.


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