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Rejected Kentucky Derby Horses

With the Kentucky Derby (horse racing’s only race that I can tell you the name of without thinking harder than I prefer) coming up this weekend, all eyes are on the oddsmakers.

Dialed In is the favorite at 4-1, followed by Uncle Mo (5-1) and Nehro (6-1). Calvin Borel, horse-riding super(small)human is aboard Twice the Appeal (30-1). Borel has ridden 3 of the last 4 Derby winners. And while much will be said about the silly hats and famous attendees, as well as the redneck bonanza throwdown in the infield, most will overlook the horses that didn’t make the Derby, but had equally awesome horse names.

Please don't attend the Derby in inappropriate attire.

Redneck Derby.

So let’s take a look at some of the horses that were turned away for lack of ability or name creativity:

I promise I did no photoshopping of this horse.


Studs McGhee

Herbert Hoofer

Hung Like A Me


Man O’ War & Peace

With Your Wife

Assistant to the Secretariat

Keanu Reeves Movie

African American Beauty


Khloe Kardashian (right)

Me And Buggy

Dummy Jones

Seattle Brew

Cigarettes For Kids

Sarah Jessica Parker


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