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Random Athlete of the Month – April 2011

Vin Baker

I’m going to be honest, when I first decided to go with Vin Baker as this month’s random athlete, I was fairly certain he was a mediocre player from the past that would make people say, “I remember that guy! I want to learn more about his life!” That’s what you say every time we name a new random athlete, right?

Well, it didn’t take me long to realize this man was a borderline superstar. Where was I during the 90s and early 2000s? Did you know Vin was the 1993 A-10 Player of the Year? Did you know he appeared in four consecutive All-Star games? Did you know he was a two-time All-NBA team member, and a three-time gold medal winner (including the 2000 Dream Team)?

Did I just ask way too many questions in a blog post in which I can’t reasonably expect to get a response? تنزيل لعبة الروليت Was that a question too?

I need to stop.

Well, Vin Baker was all of that.

Drafted 8th overall in 1993 by the Milwaukee Bucks from the NCAA powerhouse University of Hartford, Baker had a great run in the NBA as made obvious by the accolades I previously mentioned. His “good years” were spent with the Bucks and SuperSonics. Then the NBA lockout happened in 1998.

Following the lockout, Vin pulled a Phil Fulmer JaMarcus Russell Bruce Pearl Mark Mangino Rosie O’Donnell (fat jokes are suddenly irrelevant) and ballooned to around 300 lbs. Baker later revealed he was a recovering alcoholic and admitted to binge drinking in hotel rooms after poor performances. In fact, while playing for the Boston Celtics, Baker was confronted by head coach Jim O’Brien after smelling of alcohol during practice. He was suspended and later released.

The Knicks picked him up, took a picture of him that would later be used on a sports blog as the featured picture for their Random Athlete Of The Month honor, and set him free to let his career spiral down with the Rockets, Clippers, and Timberwolves.

Life after basketball for Vin has been a bit rough. قمار على النت After a stint as a morning show DJ on Party 104.9 in Houston, Texas, Baker opened a seafood restaurant in Connecticut. The restaurant has since been foreclosed. ربح مال حقيقي من النت

In 2007 Baker was arrested for drunk driving after leaving a casino in Norwich, Connecticut. The following year his 10,000 sq. ft. home was foreclosed and put up for sale for $2.3 million.

Pretty rough, huh? There’s even more. Vin Baker’s current gig is in the 9th grade ranks as the head coach of the Old Saybrook High School freshman basketball team.

The freshman team. Not the varsity team. The freshman team. The man played in the NBA was only able to land a freshman basketball head coaching job. That should be encouraging news to potential basketball coaches out there.

I leave you with an uncomfortable to watch halftime speech to his team of 15-year old boys (Note: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE watch the very end after they huddle up. Number 15. That’s all I need to say):

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