Rams and Chargers Will Be On HBO’s Hard Knocks And I Couldn’t Be Any More… Indifferent

Think of the only thing more boring than self-quarantine? Did you think of the Rams and Chargers being featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks? Because if so, you nailed it. Adam Schefter wrote:

For the first time, “Hard Knocks” is planning to supersize and feature two teams in the same summer: the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers, league sources told ESPN — if there are training camps.

I like how Schefty tried sneaking that last line past the goalie as if we wouldn’t notice: “if there are training camps.” Look, Schefty, we don’t need any of that negative talk right now. We’re grasping at hope straws right now. So don’t even hint at football not starting up on time. Especially in a disappointing article about two boring teams being featured in one of the best football shows on TV.

Also, this feels like a fancy way to announce that HBO is putting a spending limit on the Secret Santa this year.

Being stationed in Los Angeles will give NFL Films the ability to embed itself with two NFL teams, a concept the show has not tried in the past.

They’re covering the only two teams in their backyard, but making it sound like this special “supersized” event that gives you not one, but TWO teams you have no interest in.

Now I know how Los Angelinos feel because I don’t feel like watching either of these teams.

Especially now. The Rams are without Todd Gurley and Clay Matthews, and the Chargers are without Melvin Gordon and Philip Rivers. Had they still had #17, I’d be more open to the idea. I’d love to get a behind-the-scenes look at how he manages that day care he calls a family. Plus, a “dagnabbit” drinking game could’ve added a nice touch to the show.

But most of all, the Rams are without their most electric star… Jeff Fisher.

He’s right. He didn’t go 7-9. They went 4-12.

That was Fish when the Rams were featured on Hard Knocks a couple years ago during the summer of Pokemon GO – which I’m sure was great for HBO’s ratings that year, because like right now, none of us wanted to leave our house.

Unfortunately, now we’ve got Rams head coach Sean McVay, aka Sean McHairGel, who looks like he stepped right off the set of a Nickelodeon TV show. Don’t get me wrong. This guy is an incredible coach with a brilliant football mind, but the only thing impressive about him on camera is the fact that he can remember every play from every game, but that schtick is only entertaining for so long.

Will I watch? Of course. Will I want to? Meh. This might be the first Hard Knocks in a while where the slow motion shots of sprinklers watering the practice fields are the most enticing part of the show.


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