QUIZ: College Football Recruit or Made Up Name?

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It’s National Signing Day. The one day of the year where it’s ok to pick up 17-year-old high schoolers. With that comes a circus of young, talented athletes with ridiculous names. We figured, why not turn it into a game?

So we bring you a Korked Bats Quiz… College Football Recruit of Made Up Name? We’ll give you the name. You decide whether it’s a real college football recruit or a made up name.The answers are revealed at the bottom of the page.

1. Hercules Mata’afa

2. Bearooz Yacoobi

3. Raz’r Jefferson

4. Rocket Sean-Platters

5. Poona Ford

6. Clammeth Muster

7. Sammy Wata’tafa

8. Tennessee Su’esu’e

9. Lion King Conway

10. Valentine Butters

11. Paul Adams

12. Dae’Juan Funderburk

13. Pik’up Trux Foster

14. Da’best Fields

15. Wonderful Terry

16. Sofa Bradley

17. Brendee Purple

18. Manly Williams

19. Squally Canada

20. Munee Inda’bank Jackson

• • •


1. RECRUIT – Washington State Defensive End Commit

2. RECRUIT – Purdue Offensive Lineman Commit

3. MADE UP – Raz’r is a type of foldable scooter.

4. MADE UP – Rocket’s mom refused to drop her maiden name, thus the hyphen.

5. RECRUIT – Texas Defensive Tackle Commit

6. MADE UP – He often gets in legal trouble since his friends call him Meth.

7. MADE UP – Fun Fact: His last name is actually German.

8. RECRUIT – Boise State Offensive Lineman Commit

9. RECRUIT – Eastern Michigan Defensive End Commit

10. MADE UP – Valentine & Butters are actually two words you never want to hear on a first date.

11. RECRUIT – Missouri Offensive Lineman Commit

12. RECRUIT – West Virginia Safety Commit

13. MADE UP – His sister’s name is Hyprid Hatch Back.

14. MADE UP – Whenever anyone meets him, their egos immediately get crushed.

15. RECRUIT – Western Kentucky Corner Back Commit

16. MADE UP – Coaches appreciate the fact that he has gotten less and less soft each year.

17. MADE UP – His mom’s last name is Blue and his dad’s last name is Red.

18. RECRUIT – Hawaii Safety Commit

19. RECRUIT – Washington State Running Back Commit

20. MADE UP – Inda’bank is actually a family name passed down for generations.

• • •

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Austin hosts a country music morning radio show in Chicago after nearly a decade in sports talk radio (The Jim Rome Show, Steve Gorman SPORTS!) Colin Cowherd and Smash Mouth follow him on Twitter (which he apparently thought was important enough to share here). He also wears pants everyday.


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