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Pick Six: NFL Week 6

Our seven picks went 4-3 (which is a win!) last week with the dog of the week hitting when the Cowboys beat the Rams. This week we have some very favorable spreads and injuries that should play a huge role in the games. That means easy pickings for us in Week 6.

Last week, the Chiefs edged out the Raiders in a fun game that ended with two Raiders running into each other. Eek. Not the way to end the game. The Eagles remained undefeated and the Texans picked up their first win of the season. The Lions were shutout against the Patriots and a rookie QB. Ouch. Justin Tucker saved the day again for the Ravens. And Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers lost to Daniel Jones and the New York Giants in London. Very interesting week from early start to late finish.

Let’s check out the six alleged locks and the dog of the week (which has been on fire this season) for this week.

Minnesota Vikings @ Miami Dolphins Line: MIN -3

The Vikings are expected to go up against not just a back-up, but a third stringer. That alone has my attention. Outside of that, I think the Vikings should be motivated to put up strong performances as Green Bay continues to struggle. The NFC North is theirs to lose, the way I see it. Miami is coming off a big loss to the Jets, and I expect Minnesota to be able to do the same against them. Look for Jefferson to have a day. Skol.

Pick: MIN -3 Vikings 27 Dolphins 17

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts Line: IND -1.5

This is going to be a brutal game. Like, Thursday Night Football kind of bad. Maybe we’ll see a touchdown? The Colts are beat up and the Jaguars are…the Jaguars. They’re healthier in this matchup and I think after a couple weak games Lawrence needs to step up and will. Take the points while you can. It could change by game time.

Pick: JAC +1.5 Jaguars 16 Colts 14

Cincinatti Bengals @ New Orleans Saints Line: CIN -3

Speaking of beat up, I’m not sure who the Saints will be throwing it to. The entire WR corps is basically out on injury. The Saints still have that defense which is why they could stick around. I think this will be one of those games where we see a lot of Joe Burrow on the ground. Maybe seven sacks on the day. I just don’t think the Saints can keep up on the scoreboard. On top of that, this is pretty much a home game for Cincinnati in New Orleans. I mean the stars of the team made their name in the state of Louisiana. It’s not only where they played, but the stadium where they won their National Championship. That’s gotta mean something. A little extra swag for the Bengals. Expecting a monster game from Burrow and Chase in honor of the location. I think the Bengals win a close game because of the Saints D, but should be able to cover, even on a late touchdown.

Pick: CIN -3 Bengals 26 Saints 20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Pittsburgh Steelers Line: TB -9.5

The Steelers could be the worst team in the league right now. They didn’t look good against Buffalo. There’s not much optimism right now, outside of imagining Will Anderson playing for the Black and Yellow. That would be scary. Until that happens, it’s not going to be good. Tom Brady vs a rookie QB. Who do you think I’m taking? Maybe the Steelers will get a late garbage time touchdown to make the spread close, but the Bucs should win this one easy.

Pick: TB -9.5 Bucs 30 Steelers 20

Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs Line: BUF -2.5

Buffalo has all the hype. They’ve been hyped up all offseason. They’re the Vegas favorites, but I’m still not buying it. The AFC goes through Mahomes and the Chiefs. I want to see the Bills beat them before I start betting on them to beat the Chiefs. I think all that hype will just be fuel to the fire for the Chiefs. I think it will be a great game, but no way am I putting my money on Kansas City to lose. Not yet. Not only does Kansas City have the best QB in the NFL and the best tight end, but they can run the ball when needed. Buffalo doesn’t have a run game. It’s been a problem for years and they haven’t addressed it. I don’t see them beating the Chiefs while being so one-dimensional. Oh, and it’s in Kansas City? This will be fun.

Pick: KC +2.5 Chiefs 36 Bills 33

Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Chargers Line: LAC -4.5

Again, I just cannot bet on the Broncos. Seeing the Chargers as favorites by under a touchdown is all I really need to see. Even without a fully healthy lineup the Chargers continue to put up points. The Broncos, on the other hand, have been having a problem with points all season. Now Russell is allegedly hurt and got that addressed this week? I’m not buying it. Give me the home team here. More problems for the Broncos horrific start are on the way. Let’s stop this ride.

Pick: LAC -4.5 Chargers 30 Broncos 23

Dog Of The Week: We picked a couple of dogs in the Pick Six with the Chiefs and Jaguars, but let’s add one more to the mix. Why not make things interesting and take the Cowboys +6.5 against the Eagles. While I like the other underdogs as outright favorites, I’m not feeling the same way with the Cowboys. Here, I think they can just lose by less than a touchdown. I think this game will be run heavy and should be a very defensive game. That benefits a close game and in order to keep it close the Cowboys will need that run game to work. I’d guess Eagles 27 Cowboys 23. I like a four point win for the Eagles. Give me the Cowboys and the points and let’s hope for.a good football game in Prime Time.


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