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Pick Six: NFL Week 5

Another exciting week of NFL football last week, topped off with Korked Bets going 3-2-1, call it a countdown week. Looking at the lineup of games, I see nothing but green (again).

We had a lot of interesting things happen last week. The Double Doink in London allowed the Vikings to wash against the Saints. Packers couldn’t beat the spread against a Patriots team allergic to scoring points…using a third string QB. Washington is bad. Philly bounced back against the Jags to stay undefeated. Mahomes and the Chiefs easily handled Brady and the Bucs, as they got revenge for the Super Bowl a few years ago. I mean…kind of. The stage is a little different. Winning this revenge game gets you no rings…but I think Patrick will end the season with one later on. Then, I must admit I was wrong. The Lions statistically have the best offense in the league…and the worst defense in the league, which is good if you’re into high scoring losses. Shanny still owns the Rams. Man, that was bad. Who even are the Rams at this point? I have no idea, but putting my money on them is becoming a scary, scary thing.

As usual, I’ve got Six Locks and a Dog Of The Week, all of which are going to hit, so place your bets now.

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings Line: MINN -7.5

I still think Minnesota could end up winning the NFC North. They have a much more favorable schedule than the Packers. All they have to do is not lose the games they should definitely win. Like when they play the Bears. Is Justin Fields the worst QB in the league right now? It looks like it. Unless you’re of the mindset that “stats don’t matter.” Somehow, Fields has looked even worse off the field than he has on the field…and that is saying something. He’s called out the fans, he says stats don’t matter, he looks like he’s more apathetic than Jay Cutler. I’ll say it again…that is saying something. We’re entering week 5 and Fields has thrown for 471 yards. Uhh I’d say stats do matter. Vikings roll.

Pick: MINN -7.5 Vikings 30 Bears 17

Los Angeles Chargers @ Cleveland Browns Line: LAC -1

The only thing that has me concerned is the Chargers health. Not as healthy as I’d want them to be, but on the other side the Browns are using a backup. When the spread is only 1 and you’re facing a back up that sounds like a recipe to win money. Herbert should be able to throw all over this secondary, the big question will be can they stop the run? They know it’s coming so it shouldn’t be a surprise. I expect the Chargers to win this game. Now, they just need to hold up their end.

Pick: LAC -1 Chargers 33 Browns 24

Tennessee Titans @ Washington Commanders Line: EVEN

I haven’t put any money on the Titans yet this year. They’re hard to get a read on. It seems like we get a different team every week. With the Commanders, however, we know what we’re going to get: Carson Wentz. I love me some betting against Wentz because it usually means a win.

Pick: TEN ML Titans 26 Commanders 23

San Francisco 49ers @ Carolina Panthers Line: SF -6.5

I’d love to see Jimmy G lead the 49ers to another NFC Championship Game, just for the chaos that it would create. I think he can do it, too. The defense and the run game are some of the best In the league. All Jimmy has to do is not lose games, doesn’t even have to win them…just don’t lose. They get the Panthers this week so you know the defense is going to pick Baker Mayfield off at least one or two times. Shanny should be able to scheme an easy win here against what could be the worst team in football.

Pick: SF -6.5 49ers 24 Panthers 16

Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals Line: PHI -5

It looked like the Eagles were finally going to lose last week before an impressive comeback against Jacksonville. It might have made me a believer. The team is a full team. Offense, defense, and special teams. Sounds like the ingredients to make a real run. The Cardinals are just too inconsistent to bet on. I don’t like the Cardinals. Do the Cardinals even like the Cardinals? I don’t think so. Kyler and Kliff don’t seem to be getting along. I think there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than we are aware of. That’s not happening with the Eagles. That’s where my money is going.

Pick: PHI -5 Eagles 34 Cardinals 24

Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs Line: KC -7

Patrick Mahomes loves putting up points against the Raiders. This year, the Raiders have gotten off to a tough start despite one of the biggest offseason acquisitions in Adams. It could be the coach…it probably is the coach. This week, it doesn’t matter, though. Reid and Mahomes are going to put up points and the Raiders simply won’t be able to catch up. I expect a statement game here from the Chiefs out to prove and show the league that they are the best team in football. There has been so much talk about the Bills, the Eagles, and more…don’t forget this league goes through Kansas City.

Pick: KC -7 Chiefs 40 Raiders 27

Dog Of The Week: Dallas Cowboys +5.5 against the Los Angeles Rams. I’m usually somebody who picks the better QB in a close game, yet find myself doing the opposite here. Stafford is a better QB than Rush. He hasn’t been playing like it so far this year, I understand, but he still is better. How much longer can Rush keep it up? I’m holding out hope for just one more week. Although, this game isn’t going to be decided by his arm. At least it shouldn’t be. Yes, Rams have better QB, but let’s look at the rest of the roster. Line? That’s totally Cowboys. Running backs? Rams won’t run the ball this year, so even with an aging Zeke and Pollard they get the advantage here. Receiving corps? Cupp is better than Lamb, but Cowboys have other options, and the Rams won’t look past the first read. Advantage Cowboys. Defense? You’d think it would be the Rams with Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey…but Parsons has the Cowboys defense roaring. Right now I have more faith in them. The Rams have looked awful. Coaching? Okay, advantage Rams. Although each have one Super Bowl? Shrugs. I don’t expect the Cowboys to necessarily win this one outright, but they totally could! I expect them to be able to cover the spread against the Rams. I think you can game manage your way into a three point game. I’d say Rams 24 Cowboys 23 or something like that. Close game coming, and it might not be a pretty one.


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