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Pick Six: NCAA Week 6

It’s hard to be humble and go 6-1 at the same time. Ahh! I’m so torn. The way I see it, it’s not “bragging,” it’s simply stating the stats. The very impressive stats. If it wasn’t for Oklahoma we would have had a perfect week last week. It’s going to happen…Sooner or later. For now, we’ll take 6-1.

The Pick Six went 5-1 and we hit on the Dog Of The Week last week. I think I’m scared off of Oklahoma for a while. We did know Michigan was going to beat Iowa to easily cover. Iowa’s offense is too stagnant. Until the last meaningless drive where they actually looked pretty formidable. Michigan State got crushed by Maryland, their season is now over as they head to The Ohio State. Clemson pulled it off against NC State, demonstrating they just might go undefeated and sneak into the Playoffs. Maybe. UNC easily covered against Virginia Tech. Oregon continued to put up points. Then, our Dog Of The Week cashed in with Wake Forest not only beating the spread but beating Florida State outright. We knew that seasonal FSU loss was coming. Now, we look to keep the momentum going.

As bettors, we all know what happens after a hot week like last week. That’s right, it repeats itself. Hot weeks stay hot. They don’t just cool off slowly. As we enter week 6, we aim to keep that fire blazing. Thankfully, this week has provided us with another alleged guaranteed victory. Some of these match ups are just too prime. I’m not saying this is the week we are going to go 7-0…but I’m not not saying it, neither. Here’s the locks for this week.

Tennessee @ LSU Line: TENN -3

This is going to be one of the best games of the week. Is my confidence crazy high? No, but with it being one of the most exciting games on the docket this week, I figured I may as well make watching it more interesting. LSU has a lot going for it. Brian Kelly has the team off to a nice start in year one. They’re at home in one of the best environments in college football. However, I still think right now Tennessee is the better team. I think they’ll be able to move the ball against LSU’s defense. It’s not my favorite pick of the week, but I’m going with it.

Pick: TENN -3 Tennessee 38 LSU 34

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State Line: OKST -9.5

I love betting on Oklahoma State. I feel like over the past two years no team has made me more money. I like that all we need is a ten point victory to win money here. They beat Baylor and looked great. They’ve played and beat much better teams than Texas Tech. Plus, home field advantage? I love this.

Pick: OKST -9.5 Oklahoma State 36 Texas Tech 23

Washington @ Arizona State Line: WASH -13.5

Washington has the ability to really put up points when they want to. Meanwhile, Arizona State’s program is near shambles. Not quite in shambles, but very close to it. Shambles adjacent. Washington won’t have a problem in this one.

Pick: WASH -13.5 Washington 30 Arizona State 13

Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt Line: Ole Miss -17

I’m on a little kick betting on Ole Miss. Something about Lane’s offense, but it’s the D that’s really coming through this year. We’re going to need that D to show up again to cover this pretty big spread, but I think they’re capable of doing it. Should at least make the game interesting to watch. I think Ole Miss comes away with an easy win, it’s just about keeping that cover and not allowing garbage points in the 4th quarter.

Pick: MISS -17 Ole Miss 34 Vanderbilt 17

Washington State @ USC Line: USC -13

This is more betting on USC than against Washington State. I have disrespected Washington State before and want to make it clear I’m not doing that here. They’ve been impressive this season. Their only loss came against Oregon 44-41. However, they’ve also had very close wins against teams that aren’t great. I think Lincoln and the Trojans can get it done this week. Will they end up making the playoffs in year one? It’s looking more possible every week…

Pick: USC -13 USC 40 Washington State 24

Oregon @ Arizona Line: ORE -13

Arizona has shown some life this season. This isn’t the team we’ve seen the past couple of years. I just trust Oregons offense a little bit more. The final score should be close to the spread, which should keep things interesting, but I feel fine putting money on the Ducks.

Pick: ORE -13 Oregon 38 Arizona 23

Dog Of The Week: Kansas +7 against TCU. Kansas basketball wins a Natty and then they decide to be a football school? Alright. I think they could be one of the biggest surprises of the season. Did anyone see them being undefeated at this point? Why not keep it going? TCU is a good team. They made Oklahoma look horrible, just flat out embarrassed them. However, I am going to take Kansas. They can put up points and make big plays. They have a ton of talent on both sides of the ball. I’m not saying it’s likely, but I could see it happening. Maybe it’s a shootout and they lose by 6. I like them as 7 point dogs here. Maybe they’ll continue to shock the country.


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