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Pick Six: NCAA Week 4

What did we tell you? Week One is always a toss up, but by Week 3 we should be able to understand who these teams are…and we have. We went an impressive 4-2 last week in the Pick Six, and the two losses could have easily gone our way. I feel great about it, and looking at the games this week has me feeling even better. I’m already looking at what I’m going to buy with the money we’re going to win this week. Unfortunately, it’s all going to go towards that speeding ticket, but eventually we’ll be able to buy materialistic things. Assuming I can get my lead foot corrected.

As usual, I’ve selected six games that I am confident in, and have picked the Dog Of The Week, too. Let’s ride that wave from last week and keep it going. Daddy has tickets to pay for. Here are the six (alleged) locks for Week 4 in the NCAA.

Maryland @ Michigan Line: Michigan -17

Michigan is clearly the better team but this could end up being a trap game. The Wolverines haven’t really been tested yet this year. However, even with that being the case I think they can still win this game by three scores. I think a 20 point victory makes sense, and is still good for Maryland if you think about it.

Pick: Michigan -17 Michigan 40 Maryland 20

Wisconsin @ Ohio State Line: -19.5

Another big spread, but I’m not breaking a sweat. First of all, it’s Ohio State. They put up points. Even when they don’t look great. And speaking of not looking great, they’re playing Wisconsin. I still can’t get over that Washington State game. I believed in them. I’m not making that mistake again. I think it’s safe to say The Ohio State should win this one by 20.

Pick: Ohio State -19.5 Ohio State 35 Wisconsin 14

USC @ Oregon State Line: USC -6

USC will not be able to keep playing the way it has been this season. Eventually, they are going to fall. We know they are the team of the future, but they aren’t supposed to be the team of right now. With that being said, they are looking like a playoff team week after week. I think eventually they lose but I don’t think this is the week. Despite being on the road against a solid team in Oregon State, I can’t resist the small spread. All they have to do is win by a touchdown? I expect them to do it. They have the better QB, the better team, and the better coach. Win it by 7, C’mon.

Pick: USC -6 USC 30 Oregon State 23

Utah @ Arizona State Line: Utah -15.5

Arizona State is a mess right now. I’m all-in on Utah this week. I didn’t even look at the spread, to be honest. Reports are coming out that opposing teams were able to get game plans from ASU because some staffers wanted Herm Edwards out that bad. Now, you could use this as support for Arizona State, but I’m not buying it. The dumpster fire continues against Utah. It’s going to get ugly.

Pick: Utah -15.5 Utah 30 Arizona State 13

Texas @ Texas Tech Line: Texas -7

Maybe I’m still impressed by the Longhorns game against Alabama, but I can’t bet against them right now. If they were able to hang with Bama then they should be able to hang with anyone. That’s logic. Texas is the better team here and they only have to win by one touchdown. I know they’re on the road against an in-state opponent and it will be a great atmosphere, but I refuse to bet against Texas until I see them get worked by another team. Until then, they’re the team that should have beat the Crimson Tide and I will be on their side until I have evidence not to be.

Pick: Texas -7 Texas 24 Texas Tech 16

Oregon @ Washington State Line: Oregon -6.5

Washington State looked good against Wisconsin earlier this season, pulling off the upset. Can they do it again? I don’t think so. Oregon has too much offensive talent. I don’t see them being able to keep up with a team like this. The Ducks win one on the road in what should be a high scoring game.

Pick: Oregon -6.5 Oregon 35 Washington State 23

Dog Of The Week: Arkansas over Texas A&M. Last week I got burned taking Miami in an upset against A&M, but it kind of almost happened? It wasn’t a terrible pick. The Aggies have a great defense. Nobody is denying that. However, I think Arkansas is a team that can keep up physically with them and be able to put points on the scoreboard. They’re 2 point dogs so might as well ride with the Money Line on this one. I will not get burned by them two weeks in a row. Not happening.


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