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Pick 30 – 2009 Mock Draft

#30 Tennessee Titans
This one will be a little biased folks. I’m going to predict on what I think the Titans should do. As a fan it was tough to see a great regular season but a tough post-season. Chris Johnson has an uncanny ability to stretch the field but could anyone lend him a hand? The Titans have no other deep threat. Look for the Titans to finally take a risk on a wide-out, but don’t be surprised if you see them snag a cornerback to help the aging Nick Harper.

Hakeem Nicks
WR – #88 – North Carolina
6’1” 210 lbs

Nicks has unbelievably big and strong hands. He reeled in 68 balls for 1,222 yds. And 12 dances. He doesn’t possess the deep speed that the Titans could use but his ability to run after the catch and punish the tackler are appealing. Nicks was an All-ACC player in 2008.

Percy Harvin
WR – #1 – Florida

5’10” 187 lbs

Now this is a dream of mine. Harvin will drop further than expected due to his spotty health. However if he runs well in the combine, don’t expect him to be here this late. Percy Harvin has become a household name to due his ability to catch and RUN! He has great vision which could benefit a hampered Titans squad. With the late emergence of Justin Gage, expect the Titans to like Harvin as a slot receiver. There he could take a lot of pressure off Johnson.

D.J. Moore
CB – #17 – Vanderbilt
5’10” 182 lbs

Moore is an extremely fluid and instinctive player. He’s got a great knack for jumping routes and covering quicker receivers. Look for him to pounce on an incredible 40 time and benefit the Titans in the return game. Does his ties to Nashville and the Vanderbilt area sway the Titans? Only Jeffy knows.

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