Pick 28 – Philadelphia Eagles

#28 Philadelphia Eagles
Let’s start with a thank you. After a short week hiatus, I am back. And it is so good to be home again! Thank you for your patience, now let’s talk some football!

I’m back in action on possibly the biggest day of the off-season. Sad to see Big Al go, but seriously?! 100 million?! Easy Ted Dibiase! Easy does it, Trump! Who is dishing out that kind of money for an old face stomper? For the record, Trump doesn’t really own the Redskins. Ivanka does. No, I’m kidding… but seriously.

Anywho, today I resume the 2009 NFL Mock Draft.

The Philadelphia Eagles were a mid-season soap opera this past season with the benching of their starting QB, the face of their franchise (along with a crazy mom who puts the chunk in Chunky, forgive me). After taking the electric wide-out DeSean Jackson with their first pick last year, don’t be surprised if the pick up someone who can help protect McScabb and give him the prototypical flat route to throw to. A tight end seems like the perfect marriage.

With the recent absence of TE L.J. Smith, the ever dropping Brandon Pettigrew has come up in many discussions. Pettigrew had a poor 40 in the combine but looked to be the most complete TE at the Senior Bowl.

With the offseason troubles of Brian Dawkins, the Eagles might be spending time in the war room trying to find that quality DB. Sean Smith spit out a 4.5 at the combine and measured in at a miniscule 6-4 214. With William Moore dropping like a bad habit (sorry Mizzou faithful), Smith is climbing up the ranks.

Tomorrow pick #27 the Indianapolis Colts

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