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Package Delivery For Brett Favre

Yesterday in practice, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, of recent sexting fame, had an accident that every man on the planet can empathize with.

The Ole Gunslinger was tossed a football in which he wasn’t able to catch properly (I guess that’s why he’s not a receiver, eh?! ZING! #JokesUnfunnyPeopleMake). The ball then proceeded to hit him in the gonad area. The same gonad area that has been the first thing other than retirement to bring Brett Favre back in the spotlight. And the same gonad area that will probably lead Jenn Sterger into retirement.

Anyway, enough of this blah blah blah hoopla. Let’s get to the video of Brett getting “Croced” in the nuts.

Wow, that tendinitis elbow suddenly doesn’t hurt as bad anymore, does it Brett? Brett was going to throw the football back at the groin of the person who initially threw it to him, but it would have been intercepted, so he saved himself the embarrassment. What’s funny about this video, aside from everything, is the fact that none of the other quarterbacks stop their drill to even acknowledge the fact that Brett just got drilled in the testies. But don’t get down, Brett, you could always send this video into America’s Funniest Home Videos and win $10,000. Then maybe Jenn will go out with you.

Seeing Brett get hit in the nuts like this reminds me of his cameo on The Simpsons many years ago.

Although, he seemed a lot younger then.


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