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Our Guy Chris Rongey Got In A Back-And-Forth Twitter Feud With Lenny Dykstra, Naturally

I should probably be more surprised my guy Chris Rongey got in a back-and-forth feud on Twitter with – of all people – Lenny Dykstra. But I’m not. It’s so on-brand for Nails. And Ronge, tbh. Let me start by saying, I love Rongey. In fact, I’d say we have a love-hate relationship. I love to hate him. He’s one of those friends where every time we see each other we wish ill-will on each other’s livelihoods. A nut-tap friendship if you will. We could hang out for hours and just share jabs back and forth. Much like Lenny did here. Except at the end of the day, we’ll buy each other’s beers and ask when we’re meeting back up the next night. Rongey and I met in sports talk radio in St. Louis. He spent many years on the air on The Score in Chicago prior to that and is back on The Score some now. You may have seen him make several hits on MLB Network through the years, or maybe you saw him on that one episode of To Catch A Predator. Or maybe this is the first you’re being made aware of him – in which case, I’m sorry – but his boxing match with Lenny Dykstra made for some pretty fun entertainment. Let’s run down this thing.

Here’s how it all started:

Forgive my naivety here. I stray so far away from politics, so forgive me if I’m giving a platform here to either side. Frankly, I hate all things politics in this country right now. All I know is this is the tweet that set things off in the political battle between Rongey and Nails. Is this tweet even a good look alike? As a site that used to pride ourselves in Look Alikes, I’ll give this one a solid B+.

But this fued kicks off with Ronge kicking things off with a simple quote tweet dunk.

*Joker voice* And here we go. As America watches closely on the Russia-Ukraine struggle, I’m focused squarely on the Rongey-Dykstra struggle. Now, was Rongey’s dunk low-hanging fruit? Maybe. But to be honest, there isn’t much high-hanging fruit in that Lenny Dykstra tree. So Ronge is doing the best with what he’s got to work with.

Not to brag.

Solid Craigslist reference there by Rongey. +2 points.

Look, if you think Lenny Dykstra is going to just sit back and take this from a guy in glasses, you’re wrong. Hell, this whole feud started over making fun of a DIFFERENT guy in glasses. Nails just hates nerds in glasses. So he’s going to stand up and fight for what he believes in.

Ok, I KNEW I wasn’t the only one who thought I saw Rongey have a seat at the counter and go over transcripts with Chris Hansen. Freakin’ Nails! He probably saw the same episode I did where Rongey was caught carrying a gift basket of TeenBeat magazines, some Bath & Body Works perfume, Fun Dip, and Franzia. But credit Nails here for not just busting out a To Catch A Predator clap-back, but doing so with his track record. Something Rongey was quick to point out.

+2 points to Ronge for calling him Leonard.

Here’s the excerpt Rongey posted in his screenshot:

The 48-year-old, who lived in Encino, will only have to do 90 days in jail and only have to see three years probation. He was ordered to stay away from five victims and told not to “solicit” on Craigslist or social networking sites. The three months in jail, City Attorney’s spokesman Frank Mateljan tells the Weekly, will run concurrent with his grand theft auto case and not add to his wonderful experience behind bars.

[Added at 1:32 p.m.]: The office sent out a statement this afternoon to clarify the following: He got 90 days for assault and 180 days for lewd conduct. In both cases, however, the sentences will run concurrently with his three-year deal for grand theft auto.

via LA Weekly

This is where is stands as of now. I’m sure Leonard fell asleep (read: drunkenly passed out) on his ottoman in the middle of thumbing out another great pedophile joke at Rongey’s expense. Guess we’ll have to wait until later in the afternoon for Lenny to wake up and push send.


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