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Our Girl, Beadle On ‘The Late Show’

Remember our friend Michelle Beadle? If you’re a fan of ESPN’s SportsNation or really pretty ESPN women, then you probably do. Last April, we got the extraordinary privilege of interviewing Michelle for our site. “Why?” you ask. Well, why not?! ESPN asked us if we were interested. We told them it’d probably be an inconvenience but we guess we could pull that favor for them. So we did it. You can find that interview here:

However, The Late Show host and long-time Korked Bats fan (we wish) David Letterman probably saw this video and realized how cool Michelle Beadle was, so he decided to get our sloppy seconds and interview the lovely Winner’s Bracket co-host tonight on his show. So ask your parents if you can stay up past your bedtime to watch Michelle on CBS tonight at 11:35 pm ET/PT. Once again, that’s:


11:35 pm ET/PT

And if the lone fact of the great, talented, and beautiful Michelle Beadle isn’t reason enough for you to tune in tonight, maybe the dress she’ll be wearing will…

It kinda reminds us of her beautiful ESPY Awards dress.


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