Other NFL Casting Decisions Made By The Person Who Casted Kevin James As Sean Payton

Clearly, the biggest NFL head coaching news of the week was the decision to cast Kevin James as Sean Payton. Nothing else even comes close.

This has to be the most head-scratching, phone-it-in decision of all time. This isn’t a knock at Kevin James. I know there are a ton (read: probably too many) Kevin James stans out there who will be willing to slit throats in the name of Paul Blart. This is more so a knock at the casting director for thinking The King of Queens could pull this off.

But this got us thinking if the person who was responsible for casting Kevin James as Sean Payton was in charge of casting other NFL people, this is what we’d get.

Roger Goodell

Played by Ron Howard’s brother


Patrick Mahomes

Played by David Duchovney


Jim Nantz

Played by Claire Danes


JJ Watt

Played by the guy who played McLovin


Tom Brady

Played by Susan Sarandon


Bill Belichick

Played by Kevin Smith


Mike Tomlin

Played by Ed Helms


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