One Year Anniversary

This picture came from the innagural Ladies Room post in February 2011. Note: the old KB logo.

So, I have been the only lady writer for Korked Bats for a year now. As any girl does, I am getting excited slash nervous at this one year mark. I don’t want to expect flowers from my large midwest following, even though the edible arrangement at six months was thoughtful.

I began thinking about the time that I wanted to be the first lady anything. I wanted to be the first lady in the NBA or the first lady American President. I wanted to be the first girl that George Clooney decided to marry. I wanted to be the first lady on the moon or the first lady to say, “no thanks, Tiger Woods.”

Korked Bats gave me that chance. They gave me the chance to sit down and watch almost entire football and basketball games, like once a month. They gave me the chance to not worry about my Google history showing “Tim Tebow,” or “Tim Tebow crying,” or “Tim Tebow crying and shirtless.” They gave me the chance to understand why following someone that is pretending to be the owner of the NFL on Twitter is so funny. Why understanding the rules to Fantasy Football is important and why it’s important to switch out your quarterback on a BYE week.

I now have sports radio programmed to the second button in my car. I have ESPN as a bookmark on my laptop and I enjoy watching a good, based on a true story, inspirational football movie. I have forced my lady roommates to watch college football and have explained “on again, off again” strikes in sports. I have had Twitter fights for my lady sports writer honor and lost. I have seen my Oregon Ducks lose to SEC teams more times than I care to admit.

I haven’t lost my girly-ness though, don’t worry. I still cry during that one scene in Armegeddon and during every single Adele song. I still bake cookies and wear poodle skirts to all the local sock hops. I still wait by the phone for Michael Jordan’s assistant to tell me that he will finally let me take him out to dinner.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the Korked Bats Team for bringing me into your wolf pack.  Thank you for not making me the receptionist. Thank you for not making me keep the meeting minutes. Thank you for not asking me to dye my hair blonde and change my last name to Andrews.

Here’s to one more successful year, tops.

(Just kidding. Calm down, America)

• • •

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