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One and Done

This year, over 4.8 million people filled out their brackets on ESPN and it is estimated that over 5 million different brackets were filled out through some other website. People have been arguing this past week about how great their brackets are and how they will win their office pools.  But after the first round, guess how many brackets are perfect… ZERO.  That’s right, KB faithful, thanks to all these big time upsets and all the supposed upsets that didn’t happen, not one person in the world was able to make it out of the first round alive.  It only took 24 games to knock every one out breaking the old record of 38 games.  So after the first round of the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament, what have we learned so far?

Vanderbilt Doesn’t Like Teenagers

After having a much better season than expected, the Commodores were ousted by a 13 seed for the second time.  In ’08, Siena was able to pull off the upset and in 2010, the Racers of Murray State decided it was their turn.  Now, usually I wouldn’t bash Team Immigrant, but due to the mass amount of messages I received from Vanderbilt fans after they played in Knoxville, I think I have a little justification.  Hey Coach Stallings, you know they give the 4 seed a cupcake team in the first round so that they can play the 5 seed.  Obviously, Kevin didn’t get the message.

13 is the New 12

Going along with the Murray State upset, it appears that the 4-13 match up is much more exciting than it used to be.  After numerous years of the 5-12 upsets, it appears that the 13-seeds wanted a piece of the upset pie as well.  Since 2005, a 13 seed has advanced to the second round five times and Bradley University was even able to make it to the sweet 16 in ’06.  Just a warning to the future 4’s… you may be the better team, but those 13’s want it more.

Verne + Chism = Love

Did anybody happen to watch the Tennessee-San Diego State game?  Apparently Verne Lundquist has finally gotten over his huge man crush for Tim Tebow.  During the basketball season, you can catch the Ole Cougar dreaming about Wayne Chism.  It seemed that every time Chism got a point, a rebound, or even fixed his yarmulke-style headband, Verne would start laughing and talking about how great he is.  This guy is starting to get creepier than Mr. Herbert.

This is Cinderella’s Year

Of the 32 teams that made it past the first round, 8 of them are double-digit seeds.  Some of these guys may have gotten a little lucky, but it seems that a few teams are on a mission.  I know it is still early, but this could prove to be one of the best tournaments in years.  Watch out Villanova, Butler, Baylor, and even Tennessee.  The mid-majors are much better than they used to be and these kids are out to prove they can hang with the big boys.

That’s all for now… Let’s get ready for the Sweet Sixteen.

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    March 30, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    Wouldn’t that make Verne a Cougay!

    Nice props you guys got from the Tennessean today.


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