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Notre Dame vs. Butler?

As I am sitting down to a piece of chocolate cake and ESPN, I realize that not only was my power out for the finale of March Madness, (meaning I missed the UConn Huskies beat the Butler Bulldogs) but apparently there was a NCAA women’s basketball national championship too? تعلم القمار !? Did you know that?

Well there was.  The Notre Dame women played Texas A&M last night and the Aggies won.  Congrats Texas A&M, something else for you to brag about with you and your big poofy hairdos and overcompensating belt buckles.

I am a little sad that Butler didn’t make more baskets in their game against UConn, but can you blame them?  They spent all year playing teams like Loyola and Ball State. Who even knows where those schools are? If college basketball was Boy Meets World, those schools were Minkus. And Ball State? What is that? Last time I checked, if Puerto Rico wasn’t going to be the 51st State, nobody was. Of course I wanted Butler, the Cinderella team, to beat UConn, but this should be a lesson to all of you princesses in the making out there.  Sometimes in life you will be the Cinderella in the movies and end up marrying the prince and living happily ever after and then sometimes your life will be like Cinderella in basketball games, second place to a Big East team and no princess wants that.

But, what if the losers of both games played each other?


Do you think that Butler and Notre Dame would be a fair matchup?

Well, Do I think the Bulldogs have a fair shot against this little Irish Guy?

I don’t.

That Bulldog has no idea what’s about to hit him.  The Irish are usually as mad as a hornet and wearing yellow and green.  They are also usually balding and trying to cover it up with a misplaced hat. مراهنات سباق الخيل

What about the two coaches? How would they hold up against each other? طريقة الربح في لعبة الروليت

She looks like she robbed a leprechaun for her outfit and is concerned about said leprechaun finding her and publicly humiliating her.

And this guy? This guy is the coach for Butler? Wait.

Do coaches also have to do one year of college before they can coach?

Because that should be a rule.

This coach is eleven years old.

But what about the fans? The fans are often called the extra member of the team?

Well, in that case here is Butler’s sixth man….

They kind of look like Kentucky fans, but their women shave their armpits.

And then there is Notre Dame’s 6th (wo)man…

I honestly didn’t know that Andy Richter was a Notre Dame Fan.

I don’t know if this game between Butler’s men’s team and Notre Dame women’s team would end with a forfeit because the Butler men wouldn’t want to face themselves in the mirror if they lost a basketball game to a bunch of girls.  I don’t know if this game would end with Butler shooting more or less than 19% from the field and Notre Dame having to put their teammates on their shoulders to be able to reach the rim to dunk.  I really can’t figure out who would take home the loser’s trophy from this match up, but I’d pay money for it.  And I would also pay money if they would keep Andy Richter from gaining any more weight.  And painting his body green.

I mean, what else are you guys and ladies doing? We know you aren’t at Disney World.

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    April 7, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Oh, Erin! You do make me laugh, and only you would point out the shaved armpit! But, I have to say in all seriousness, I was for Butler all the way because they are an Indiana team! UConn won the title but it was a really ugly game overall! I think they should play the game over again! :)


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