Sunday, April 21, 2024

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No One On Earth Thinks The Steelers Will Beat The Chiefs This Weekend, Including Ben Roethlisberger

Well, that’s one way to look at it.

Let’s all be honest with ourselves. If we collectively power ranked the 14 NFL teams in the playoffs, the Steelers would probably be 14th for all of us. Maybe even 15th. It feels like they’re limping into the playoffs – thanks to that tie to the Lions! – and their quarterback is being held together by rubber cement, duct tape, and medical gauze. He knows this is his last ride. And he knows Sunday could very well be his last chapter. Which is why he probably hit everyone with this answer.

Sure, Big Ben’s being a little facetious here. You know he’s playing into all of the media (and dumb sports blog) talk surrounding this game, which is smart in the sense that if they win, this is only going to be the narration for one of the most epic hype videos the NFL has ever seen.

However, if (read: when) they lose and/or get boat-raced, this is only going to play into the joke that has been the last couple of years of Big Ben’s career. He’s really playing with fire here only a few days before going out and playing a fire team. God speed, Big Ben. I hope it works out for you, and this doesn’t turn out to be this moment.

And I say that as someone who roots for the Steelers for the sake of our very own A.D. He’s a massive ‘Lers honk. When they win, it’s better for this blog. But this weekend, they’re going up against the favorite team of all four guys in our movie podcast, The Cineboiz. So I guess this weekend is win-win for us regardless. But hey, at least the starting quarterback thinks his team doesn’t belong in the playoffs!


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