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NCAA Tournament 101

From Game 1 to Game 63, this has been the most exciting tournament since most of us have been alive.  We have seen upset after upset and and have loved cheering for the Underdogs every step of the way.  Even though the Duke-bags won it all, the fans have remained entertained and CBS has been making money.  So, KB Faithful, what have we learned about the NCAA and ourselves this year?  Well, Professor Adcock is here to review this year’s final exam in NCAA Tournament 101.

Good luck everyone.

1.  How many Lower Seeds won a game this year?

A)  Enough to ruin my bracket

B)  20.5

C)  14

D)  “Who cares about the NCAA, I was too busy watching the NIT”  – UNC Fan

Answer: B) 20.5

“Enough to ruin my bracket” is correct for most of us out there, but 20.5 was the actual number of lower seeded wins this season. I counted the Butler over Mich. St. as half of a lower seeded win since they both had the same seed and Butler was the underdog.

But just think about that number.  Nearly one-third of the tournament games this season were upsets.  So much so, that ONE person in the entire world was able to correctly pick the Sweet 16.  Layman’s Terms:  That was an awesome 2 1/2 weeks.

2.  Do you want to see more tournament games next season?

A)  Yes, I need more

B)  Heck no, 65 was perfect

C)  It isn’t up to me

D) No, I want more John Stamos

Answer: C) It isn’t up to me.

You can watch ESPN all day and hear them argue for or against (mostly against) expanding the tournament to 96, but when it comes down to it, it isn’t up to Colin Cowherd and it definitely isn’t up to the fans.

It all comes down to the money.  And the NCAA can make a whole lot more money with 31 more teams.  Simply put, more games = more money = 96 teams as soon as possible.  Bye Bye NIT!

**Quick Rant – They argue that we can’t move to a football playoff because students will miss too much class. Yet Duke, one of the hardest schools in the country, let players miss 8 of the last 14 days of classes… Think about it**

3.  What race is the best at basketball?

A)  Caucasian

B)  African-American

C)  Hispanic/Latino

D)  Other

Answer: A & B

This isn’t exactly based on fact, but more of an observation of the Championship game.  For the first time since 1966, the number of White starters was the exact same as the number of Black starters in the Championship.  And 1966 was when Texas Southern played Kentucky, so that doesn’t really count (Watch Glory Road if you don’t understand). It was so white that I’m pretty sure there was a ghost out there.

For the record, I am not trying to be racist, I was just excited to see a few of my white brothers actually be the stars on the team and not just the scrubs. Looks like White Guys are back on the basketball map.  Watch and learn Coach Calipari.

Photo Courtesy: Associated Press

4.  What did Bob Huggins say to Da’Sean Butler?

A)  Don’t worry, man.  You just got hurt in the biggest game of your life.  No biggie.

B)  You have got to be effing kidding me.  You make like 30 game winning shots and NOW you decide to get hurt… You are so selfish.

C)  Hey, you played the season of your life and had a great career.  You will always be my sweet prince.

C)  Now that I am down here, I never realized how beautiful your eyes are.  I just want to kiss you right now.

Answer:  Something close to C… hopefully.

Did anyone happen to catch scene?  Da’Sean Butler goes down with a knee injury and Bob Huggins comes in like 3 minutes after he falls and wraps his arms around the kid.  Then he gets about 2 inches away from his face and tries to console him.  This was so awkward.  It looked like a drunk couple 10 seconds away from making out.  Come to think of it… Maybe Bobby went back to his old ways.

5.  Who was the weirdo than planned this year’s tournament?

A)  Old white guys trying to being gangster

B)  Jay-Z

C)  Some intern trying to get fired

D)  Simon Cowell

Answer:  C) Some intern trying to get fired

This is the only viable answer in this case.  First, the colors for the Final Four are Orange, White and Black.  As a Tennessee alum, I already know those colors DO NOT go well together.  Second, they decide to make the Championship apparel a graphic tee and a flat bill.  It is like they were trying to outfit a non-hetero UFC fighter instead of a basketball player.  And Finally, they decide to change one of the greatest sports songs of all time, “One Shining Moment”, and put Jennifer Hudson on the track.  They picked a girl who couldn’t make the top 5 in American Idol over Luther Vandross.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?  That’s it NCAA/CBS, get Donald Trump in here now.

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