NBA Playoffs 101

The 2010 NBA season is officially over, and it ended just how it did a year ago: The King is without a ring and Kobe added another to his collection.  I hope you guys paid attention to this year’s playoffs, because Professor Adcock has returned to give you another “Finals Exam.”  So put away your books, everyone. Pull out your no. 2 pencils, and good luck.

1.  Which point guard played the best in the 2010 Playoffs?

a)  Steve Nash

b)  Rajon Rondo

c)  Derek Fisher

d)  Deron Williams

e)  Russell Westbrook

(Hey You)

Answer:   c)  Derek Fisher

Okay, so the guy may have not had as good of stats as the other players on the list, but he was the only one to add to his collection of rings. And don’t forget, he was also the guy that personally guarded all 4 of these “dominant” point guards. Statistics may be important to some, but playing hard work and playing real defense can make up for your lack of points. Take note, Corbin Blue.

Quick Side Note: Kobe Bryant has only won an NBA Championship when Derek Fisher is on his team. Think about it.


2.  How many games were held during the 2010 NBA Playoffs?

a)  Not enough… I’m jonesin’ for s’more hoops action

b)  Probably like eleventy-thousand

c)  Only four

d)  Once the Bucks got knocked out, I stopped paying attention


Answer: c) Only four

Well, this answer is only true for the Charlotte Bobcats, but look on the bright side, they finally won something! Sorry to all the Charlotte fans out there (are there any?), but the very first time that the franchise makes it to the playoffs, they get swept considerably in the first round. Maybe you should get a new coach… Nevermind he is leaving early too.


3.  Which player from the 2010 Playoffs has the most awesome nickname?

a)  LeBron “The Akron Hammer” James

b)  Dwight “Superman” Howard

c)  Amar’e “Black Jesus” Stoudemire

d)  Kevin “The Durantula” Durant

e)  Glen “Big Baby/The Ticket Stub/ Oncé-Oncé” Davis


Answer: d) The Durantula

This was probably the most difficult question on this year’s exam, except for Big Baby, of course. But all of the first four answers are pretty freakin’ awesome. But when all is said and done, no one can handle the Durantula… Not even the MVP, Superman, or Jesus.


4.  Who is the greatest player in the NBA?

a)  LeBron James

b)  Kobe Bryant

c) Maybe even Dwight


Answer: TRICK QUESTION… Everyone knows it is Brian Scalabrine.


5.  But the real question is… Who is gonna win it all next year?

a)  The Knicks… only if they get LeBron and Bosh.

b)  The Lakers… Kobe… KOBE!!!

c)  The Suns… Nash has still got at least one more (Hopefully)

d)  John Wall… He is faster than a shotgun wedding proposal in Texas.

e)  Dwight Howard… Every little thing he does is Magic.


Answer: e) Dwight Howard

That’s right KB Faithful, I am sticking with the same pick I made for this year’s champion. I guess I was just a little premature. The Magic are going to be much stronger and deeper next season.  So look for Superman to save the day… One missed free throw at a time.

Bonus Question for Our Readers:

Who is the ugliest player in the 2010 playoffs?

Reply in the comments section and send links to the pictures.

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