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October 5th, for all fair purpose, is Christmas in 2010. لعبة بوكر اون لاين In 1993, NBA Jam hit arcades everywhere and became one of the most popular sports games of all time, and, more importantly, is credited with the creation of the single greatest celebratory term of all time: BOOMSHAKALAKA!

EA Sports is resurrecting the heralded game, bringing it to the Wii, PS3 and XBOX360 via a couple of different mediums. NBA Jam will release on the Nintendo Wii and the arcade game will be bundled into NBA Elite 11 for Playstation3 and XBOX360.

If you’re unfamiliar with NBA Jam, it’s a two on two basketball format with fantastically exceptional, impossible dunks. Players have the ability to “catch on fire” if they score three successive times against their opponent. Pure. Addictive. Fun. For years fans have continued to hang on to their versions on the SNES or Sega Genesis, N64, etc. روليت للايفون ; Now, finally, there will be an updated version with updated rosters. A bit about the new game:

-Players of the game choose a team of 2 based on rosters of 4-6 players per team

-Teams will be made up of 3 or 4 current players and at least one “legendary” player

-NBA Players appearing on the original 1993 version are given precedence in terms of being legends

-Hidden players will exist (Speculation that Shaq is one of this unlockables)

-No MJ, he’s tied up with a different NBA game being released this year.

What does this mean?

Well, for one, the Miami Heat won’t be unstoppable. Every team can try and build its own version of today’s Miami Heat, mixing players past and present.

So, on to my task: I’ve decided to give a bit of team by team analysis in the upcoming days, letting everyone know best matchups, player choices, and how to destroy your opponent. لعبة القمار ورق Watch for those posts later today, upcoming days and so forth.

Jam on.


Kyle is a comedian writer, actor, and producer. You may have seen his standup on CONAN, or somewhere else if you’re really into standup. He has appeared on Fuse, Comedy Central, VH1, and more, and he has written for CBS, Comedy Central, TBS, contributed to Roasts, as well as Huffington Post, CNN, The New York Times, Wired, and a really cool site called Korked Bats.


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