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NBA Jam Preview: Heat, Wizards and Magic

Ok, all, let’s wrap up the East! West coming up soon.

Past Team Previews:

Hawks and Celtics

    Washington Wizards

    Current Players: Yi Jianlian, Andray Blatche, Gilbert Arenas and John Wall
    Legends: Manute Bol and G-Wiz (mascot)
    Arenas may be the Wizards most serious weapon(s owner) here. If Wall’s statistic are based on hype and collegiate ability, that duo would be a force of fun. The addition of the late Manute Bol is a great gesture for gamers, giving the Wizards a nice inside force as well.
    Best Twosome: Arenas and Wall
    • • •

    Orlando Magic

    Current Players: Dwight Howard, Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis
    Legends: Nick Anderson and Scott Skiles
    The Magic, quite simply, are one of the top teams in the game. Carter’s ability to dunk will make him a near-must-start, and Howard may end up being the most effective player in the game. His ability to block, dunk, rebound and body-check (all without fouling out) will make this team very popular. No Pennie Hardaway, however.
    Best Twosome: Carter and Howard
    • • •

    Miami Heat

    Current Players: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh
    Legends: Glen Rice and Rony Seikaly
    To help minimize the internet content being published about the Miami Heat this offseason, I’ll just stop here: This team is as good as those three players.
    Best Twosome: LeBron and DWade, with the occasional Glen Rice cameo to drop some tre-bombs.
    • • •
    That wraps up the East! The West is coming soon.


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