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NBA All Star-Game Timing Purely Coincidental, Stern Reports

In light of the NBA’s All Star Game weekend last week in Dallas, TX, NBA Commissioner David Stern has come under much scrutiny, despite what he calls, “coincidental timing.”

“The NBA All Star game always happens at the midpoint of the season. The fact that this fell during Black History Month on this particular occasion is purely coincidental.”

Stern was willing to acknowledge that at least one-eighth of NBA players have some sort of African-American heritage, and that even some of the NBA’s most prominent players fell into this category.

One such player, aging-assist man Jason Kidd of the Dallas Mavericks, was reached for contact, and responded:

“Half of me is not in the least bit offended, and the other half of me isn’t sure if it is allowed to laugh at this or not.”

In his recent press conference, Stern was quoted as saying, “It’s not like I’m having a Chinese New Year’s Game-day Special again this year. Yao isn’t even healthy, so that wasn’t an option.”


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