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National Hurt League

Just like the NBA, the NHL really amps up their play in the playoffs. The only difference is, like Nicolas Cage movies, no one watches the NHL playoffs. Unfortunately.

In fact, when it comes to playoff time in the NHL, the sport re-solidifies itself as one of the most brutal sports around. Next to cheerleading, according to your former high school’s cheerleading captain.

Now, keep in mind, I’m not saying the NHL isn’t rough during the regular season. I’m only saying the intensity increases in the playoffs. It’s like Joel Olsteen. His Jesus-y discipleship is probably amplified right before hitting the stage to preach on Sundays.

[Please disregard the fact that I just compared the NHL Playoffs to Joel Olsteen.]

For a small dose of the huge hits and violent intensity that you’ll see by tuning into any NHL Playoff game, check out these hits by the Vancouver Canucks’ Raffi Torres on the defending Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks’ Brent Seabrook.

This is probably why your mother wouldn’t sign the release form for you to play hockey when you were little.

The top seeded Canucks lead the Blackhawks 3-0 in the best of seven series.


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