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Mrs. Nevin Shapiro?

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there is a S C A N D A L happening right now bigger than any Real Housewife of New York could ever imagine. This is the kind of scandal that it’s important for us to consider in our everyday life so something similar doesn’t happen to us.

You might be wondering about the gentlemen in the picture above and wondering how to “get with them.” Whatever you do. Don’t. Let me explain.

The guy with the sunglasses and the overbite.  Don’t even think about getting with any guy that is still giving peace signs in his photo ops. العاب اون لاين مجانا  If his first reaction when someone starts the picture count is to throw up the international sign for peace, then you need to let him live in the 70’s where he and his bad ideas belong.

Now, on to the gentleman with the toothpick. First, I hope you just ate some BBQ, popcorn, Fun Dip or some sort of food that would warrant a toothpick. Also, you seem like an alcoholic holding an entire bottle of something crazy. افضل موقع العاب اون لاين  More importantly, this man’s name is Nevin Shapiro. Yes, nobody wants to be Mrs. Nevin Shapiro. Yikes.  He is also very short. And he’s a criminal. He’s currently in jail.

Whaaaat?  He’s in jail?  Yes.

If you are ever really good at sports and somebody comes up to you and says, “I really think you are good at sports, can I give you this car that’s brand new?” You can say yes, but just know that in the end your school might get the Death Penalty. If that is what it sounds like, the University of Miami is in so much trouble. If you are really good at sports and somebody comes up to you and says, “Do you want to come with some other really good athletes on a cruise together and I’ll pay for everything if you wear this jersey for a few years?” Just go on the cruise, but then help whoever that skeezy guy was, get a real job, so that he doesn’t end up in jail. كيف تربح المال من الانترنت مجاناً

I never really found out why exactly Nevin was in jail to begin with, but I can imagine that it had something to do with swindling lots of people out of lots of money.

Don’t trust guys with the name Nevin.

Don’t trust guys that are super short with entire bottles of champagne.

Don’t trust guys that still do peace signs as a default pose in 2011.

Don’t trust a man with just a mustache. (personal experience)

And if you are really good at sports, be careful.  People for use you and then rat you out once they are in jail.

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