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More Friday Fun: The Battle Of Ridiculous Products

As if this country couldn’t get any weirder with toys and games such as Mouse Trap, Twister, and Ball Buster, we had to go and one up ourselves with ridiculous products like the Snuggie, TV Hat, and now this?

It’s called The Snazzy Napper. (Which don’t let the name fool you. It is, by no means, snazzy.) I just have a few questions about this product. Who in their right minds needs to sleep so bad that they, not only have to nap right where they are at and can’t wait to get to a bed and also are willing to spend hard earned money on one of these things to go out of the way to look ridiculous while napping. I want to know what type of people keep this company in business and also who allows these products to be patented?

Actually, I think these are pretty popular in the Middle East. In fact, I see women wearing them all the time over there.

However, with the threat of this new product on the market, the original Snuggie had to battle back with a brand new commercial making their product look even more stupid.

Well… Mission accomplished, Snuggie. Mission accomplished.

You took one of the worst one hit wonders of all time, changed the words, and turned the actors in your commercials into humans that will be shunned by society for the rest of their lives for ever agreeing to be in a Snuggie commercial.

I knew we were living in a sinister world, but this is just sick.


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