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It’s Friday. But not just ANY Friday. Because today is our very own Frank’s birthday! So in honor of Frank and his 23rd year on this planet, we have decided to put together a compilation of videos of Frank for you all to enjoy. Frank, we hope you have an awesome birthday! The only person better than you is no one.

• • •

This first video dates back a couple of summers ago. It was one of the many nights of pick up softball that we played. Our friend Matt was sitting down enjoying the game when… Well, we’ll let him tell the story:

• • •

Our next video comes from last summer. Frank and I were at the beach for a week. This was shortly after I realized that if you chant “Go Frankie!” over and over whenever he is with you, he will break out into some form or ridiculous dancing. I have utilized this tactic for my enjoyment many times since:

• • •

This next video doesn’t have Frank, myself, or any of our friends in it. However, this video helped bond Frank and I together in our friendship. It’s our go to video for quoting and laughing about. It’s a spoof video for a Dodge Aries:

• • •

Our final video is from a couple years ago. I’m not sure exactly how I managed to accomplish this, but I was able to talk Frank into sticking numerous random objects in his mouth. Some of these random objects included, a miniature baseball bat, a piece of wood, a guitar, our friend Laura’s car keys, a miniature Stanley Cup, a Santa Claus hat, a CD, an Eiffel Tower clock, a bottle of Glade Air Wick, a wooden elephant, a juggling ball, an eight ball, and our friend Sara Beth’s shoe.

However, to cap them all off, I convinced Frank to attempt to stick an entire wax candle in his mouth. Luckily for all of you, I was able to get that attempt on camera:


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